Horizontal Biomass Steam Boiler Sales

Biomass steam boiler manufacturing using a number of advanced technology, the design of high furnace is easy to fully burn biomass fuel, according to the combustion characteristics of biomass fuel design reasonable furnace arch, improve the progress of fuel and eliminate black smoke. Horizontal biomass boiler sales using high strength large grate, suitable for the transport of biomass fuel combustion. With large grate pretend roller device, improve the grate safety, convenient combustion adjustment. Unique high feeding, feeding device, suitable for biomass block forming fuel, prevent burning before the fire.


Horizontal Biomass Steam Boiler Sales

Horizontal biomass boiler sales


Biomass fired boiler adopts a unique secondary air supply device to blow the flame, prevent the flame from jumping into the hopper, and strengthen the oxygen supply, promote combustion, prevent the generation of black smoke. Reasonable arrangement of heating area and combustion device, high boiler thermal efficiency. Reasonable smoke speed design, heating surface does not accumulate ash, no wear, boiler heating surface in the condition of no soot blowing, can maintain high efficiency, full load, safe operation for a long time. All independent circuit design, for the hot water boiler also uses reasonable ejection cycle, heating surface loop medium flow rate higher than the national standard requirements.

Horizontal biomass boiler sales and use of high thermal efficiency, furnace exit dust inertia separation, effectively reduce smoke dust content. At the same time, the design can also reduce the wear of the rear heating surface, compact structure, installation volume is smaller than other types of boiler with the same capacity, shorten the installation period and reduce the cost of the boiler room. Large volume of water, conducive to power failure protection, strong ability to adapt to load changes.

The boiler automation level is high, the boiler feed water automatic regulation, high and low water level alarm, low water level interlock protection, lead, fan interlock protection. Boiler coal, slag and other operations are mechanized, complete supporting auxiliary machines. The raw materials of biomass are widely distributed and the processing technology is advanced. The biomass energy pellet material is known as green coal and is a kind of clean energy. As the fuel of the boiler, its burning time is long, the temperature of the furnace is high, and the economy is affordable, and there is no pollution to the environment at the same time. It can replace wood, coal and natural gas, and it is a highly efficient and energy-saving environmental protection product.


Horizontal Biomass Steam Boiler Sales

Biomass steam boilers price


Horizontal biomass boiler sales full automation, simple operation, convenient, without complex operation procedures. Biomass fuel combustion efficiency is more than 85%, operating costs are reduced. Using reasonable grate structure and secondary air makes the combustion efficiency high and the combustion is sufficient. The reasonable design of biomass boiler makes the material not easy to coking and reduces the boiler loss. Can quickly form a high temperature area, flue gas in the high temperature furnace residence time is long, after several air distribution, combustion, high fuel efficiency, no black smoke. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing high quality boiler products, welcome to consult and purchase.

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