Industrial Biomass Fired Boiler Technology

Different from traditional boilers, biomass fired boilers use new furnace design to maximize the efficiency of fuel combustion process, effectively reduce fuel costs and improve thermal efficiency. The ash and slag after combustion of biomass fired boiler technology can also be used as farm fertilizer, which is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection product. DZL type biomass boiler uses threaded smoke tube to enhance heat transfer, threaded smoke tube has self-cleaning function, reduce the workload of furnace cleaning.


Biomass fired boiler technology

Biomass fired boiler technology


DZL type biomass boiler has advanced and superior automatic control technology, such as water supply automatic regulation, program start and stop, automatic operation, at the same time with high and low water level alarm and high pressure alarm, extinguishing protection and other safety measures. These functions greatly ensure the safety of the boiler, so that you can rest assured to use. The setting of the two wing flue of the series boiler products makes the flue gas enter the front smoke box smoothly, so that the temperature of the previous tube plate is the same, and the tube plate cracks due to the temperature stress are avoided. The single return threaded smoke tube is used in the drum to strengthen the heat transfer effect, and the threaded smoke tube has the function of self-cleaning ash, so as to avoid ash accumulation in the smoke tube.

Biomass fired boiler technology by pulling part of the riser tube on both sides of the box to the chamber. Then introduce the lower part of the drum side and the bottom of the drum with heat insulation pouring forming furnace top heating surface. The new furnace structure successfully solves the problem that the bottom of the drum is directly exposed to high temperature flame radiation and avoids the defect of “bulge”. The boiler has reasonable structure, high thermal efficiency and fuel saving. The main welds of this series of boilers product are all welded automatically without repair record, which ensures the welding quality and improves the service life of boilers. Tubesheet adopts advanced pressing technology to avoid tubesheet cracking.

Industrial biomass boiler adopts internal dust inertia separation, assisted by multi-tube dust collector or bag dust removal equipment. Automatic electric control system, complete monitoring instruments, can realize automatic water refill, overpressure and overtemperature alarm, advanced remote control function, dosage online monitoring, fault alarm and other functions. The combustion equipment adopts light chain grate, speed control adopts frequency conversion speed control, convenient adjustment, stable operation, also can use reciprocating grate, better adapt to inferior fuel.


Industrial biomass fired boiler

Industrial biomass fired boiler


Biomass fired boiler technology is advanced, the air distribution structure adopts the form of dense air bin with two side air intake. In order to achieve the horizontal air distribution along the grate uniformity, and can realize the control of air distribution according to the combustion stage. On both sides of the boiler along the length direction is equipped with seven air adjusting doors, and seven ash cleaning handle, the fireman can reasonably adjust the air door opening according to the burning needs. Ash with the hand handle, during the operation of the boiler each shift must be pulled twice, so that the ash falls on the return grate surface, and then by the return grate will leak ash to the front, into the dust hopper. Welcome customers to visit our factory, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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