Industrial Gas Steam Boiler in Afghanistan

The gas steam boiler adopts reasonable heating surface structure, which can effectively control the flue gas resistance, and properly control the exhaust smoke temperature, which ensures the boiler efficiency, prevents the flue gas condensation and prolongs the boiler service life. The industrial gas steam boiler is equipped with a movable front and rear smoke box cover, so that the gas steam boiler maintenance is convenient. Equipped with explosion-proof door, automatic rebound after pressure relief, to ensure the safety of gas boiler. The application of heat transfer enhancement elements such as wavy furnace and threaded smoke pipe not only strengthens the heat transfer effect, but also effectively absorbs the heat expansion and cold contraction of furnace body.



This series of gas-fired boiler has automatic ignition, program control, water level control, temperature control, overpressure protection, flameout protection in the furnace and other control and protection functions, simple operation, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance. Stainless steel outer packing, corrosion resistance increased. Choose high quality water pump, valve, electrical components and safety accessories, complete. Suitable size of furnace, open flame, wide capacity radiant heating surface, suitable for all kinds of oil and gas burners, simple structure.

Industrial gas steam boiler overall layout compact, beautiful and generous, high thermal efficiency. The use of micro positive pressure operation, effectively improve the furnace combustion intensity, making the volume of the same capacity boiler is smaller. At the same time can eliminate the boiler furnace, flue air leakage, improve the use of boiler thermal efficiency. The boiler is equipped with an integrated finned tube economizer, which is compact in structure and easy to maintain. It can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the thermal efficiency.

This series of steam boiler adopts advanced EDA design technology, detailed calculation of the furnace structure and size. Effectively control flue gas flow rate and resistance, reasonable and full use of flame and flue gas heat exchange, improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Boiler can also use corrugated furnace structure, not only increased the flue gas disturbance, the application of threaded pipe technology to increase the convection heating surface. Adopt frequency feed water and control technology to ensure the condensation rate of steam in flue gas.

The boiler adopts reasonable structural design and excellent refractory insulation materials, which can greatly reduce the outer temperature of the furnace body, so that the outer temperature is low, reduce heat loss, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The gas fired steam boiler adopts a new design, which can reduce the emission of harmful substances when the fuel is burned, and meet the environmental protection and energy saving standards. In particular, reduce nitrogen and oxygen emissions to meet the low nitrogen emission standards.



The industrial gas steam boiler adopts high quality peripheral components to achieve high quality automatic control system. This operation can realize the collection of inlet, outlet temperature, pressure and other parameters and centralized display in real time in the control cabinet. At the same time, the closed-loop control system such as PID ensures the stable operation of the boiler under various parameters set by the user, and monitors the working range of the data at the same time. For all kinds of abnormal reminder or alarm, convenient for users to use and maintenance. Zozen Boilers control module also has strong expansion ability, according to customer needs, can easily implement group control, remote control and other deep applications.

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