Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Mozambique

Oil fired steam boiler in Mozambique, the overall boiler structure is reasonable, boiler tail arranged with flue gas condensation recovery device, can effectively control the exhaust temperature, high boiler thermal efficiency.The oil fired boilers export adopts automatic burner, and the feed water adopts continuous electric regulation, with high combustion efficiency. The boiler belongs to the advanced low nitrogen products, environmental testing 100 percent passed.


Oil fired steam boiler salese

Oil fired steam boiler sales


This series of oil fired industrial boilers have full combustion, high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong load adaptability, high reliability of imported burners, and the outer packaging is made of mirror stainless steel or matte stainless steel in the form of beautiful appearance and generous. The boiler is designed to be a horizontal quick installation internal combustion three return fire tube boiler. The high temperature flue gas is washed into the second and third return flue gas pipes in turn, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney from the rear flue gas chamber. The boiler is equipped with movable front and rear smoke box covers, so that the boiler maintenance is convenient.

The application scope of this series of steam boiler covers hot spring bath, sauna steam room, printing and dyeing textile, factory building, office school, pharmaceutical, hotel and catering, food processing, chemical plants, socks factory heat styling, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating and drying farms, etc. The oil fired boilers export is equipped with industrial burners with good technical performance, and a series of advanced automation technologies are adopted. It also has high and low water level alarm and automatic protection functions such as extremely low water level, ultra-high steam pressure and flameout.

Oil fired steam boiler thermal efficiency is up to more than 95%, using a combination of corrugated furnace and conical furnace with good expansion performance of furnace, furnace size and flame consistent, flue gas flow area to reduce, so that the flue gas flow at the same speed, ensure high temperature flue gas in the furnace heat exchange time, to achieve the best heat transfer effect; Adopt the high performance combustion machine matching the boiler completely, carry on the comprehensive automatic adjustment, make the combustion fully, save the fuel, reduce the pollution.


Oil fired steam boiler salese

Oil fired steam boiler sales


Oil fired boilers export are made of ultrafine glass wool with high thermal insulation performance, so heat dissipation loss is smaller. Adopt intelligent energy saving control system to control boiler and steam supply (water supply) system, and adjust fuel supply with different load, more energy saving. The front and rear smoke box adopts movable detachable structure, which can be easily checked, maintained and maintained inside the boiler. It is simple and convenient. The product is novel in design, reasonable in structure and good in process performance, so that the product has outstanding quality. Zozen Boilers is dedicated to providing users with a full range of boiler solutions, welcome to come to consult, we will give you the most suitable quotation scheme.

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