Solid Fuel Steam Boilers: Efficient and Sustainable Industrial Solutions


Solid fuel steam boilers play a crucial role in industrial processes by providing reliable and efficient heat generation. Compared to traditional boilers, solid fuel steam boilers offer unique advantages that contribute to energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and sustainable development. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, ZOZEN offers a range of highly sought-after solid fuel steam boilers, including the SZL series, DZL series, DZL Triple-Drum series, DHL series, and YLW series. Let’s explore these boilers and their features in detail.

ZOZEN – Leading the Way in Boiler Manufacturing

ZOZEN has established itself as a frontrunner in the field of boiler manufacturing, delivering high-quality solutions that meet the energy demands of various industries. Their solid fuel steam boilers are designed to provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Let’s delve into the exceptional boiler series offered by ZOZEN:

SZL Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

The SZL series comprises horizontal double-drum chain grate water tube boilers. With a thermal capacity ranging from 6 to 35 t/h and a working pressure of 1-2.5 MPa, these boilers excel in performance. The furnace adopts a densely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure, providing a large radiation heating surface area.

ZOZEN Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

ZOZEN SZL Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

DZL Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

DZL series boilers are horizontal three-pass water-fire tube chain grate boilers. With a thermal capacity ranging from 2 to 10 t/h and a working pressure of 1-2.5 MPa, these boilers are known for their versatility. The combustion equipment features a lightweight chain grate, and the boilers are delivered in a convenient modular form for quick installation.

DZL Triple-Drum Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

The DZL Triple-Drum series is a biomass boiler developed independently by ZOZEN, boasting proprietary intellectual property rights. With a thermal capacity ranging from 15 to 40 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25-2.5 MPa, these boilers offer exceptional performance. The boilers are equipped with soot blowing devices at the rear convection heating surface and have ash blowing holes at the top of the furnace. They can be cleaned without the need for boiler shutdown, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

DHL Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

The DHL series features corner tube boilers designed for high thermal efficiency. With a thermal capacity ranging from 20 to 75 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25-5.4 MPa, these boilers provide efficient combustion. They incorporate a transversely arranged chain grate and a membrane water-cooled wall structure to ensure thorough fuel combustion.

YLW Series Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

The YLW series consists of horizontal coal and biomass-fired thermal oil boilers. With a thermal capacity ranging from 1400 to 29000 kW and a working pressure of 0.8-1.0 MPa, these boilers offer precise control over oil temperature and pressure. They incorporate advanced control systems for efficient performance.

Characteristics and Advantages of ZOZEN Solid Fuel Steam Boilers

ZOZEN’s solid fuel steam boilers offer several key characteristics and advantages that make them indispensable in the energy transition:

Reduced Fossil Fuel Consumption: By utilizing solid fuels, these boilers help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to a more sustainable energy mix.

Lower Emissions: ZOZEN boilers are designed to minimize emissions and meet stringent environmental regulations, ensuring cleaner operation.

Promoting Sustainable Development: The use of solid fuel steam boilers supports the development of sustainable energy solutions, fostering a greener industrial sector.

ZOZEN – Unparalleled Strength and Excellent Service

Apart from their exceptional product range, ZOZEN is renowned for its strength as a manufacturer. With a commitment to excellence, ZOZEN ensures the highest standards of quality in their solid fuel steam boilers. Additionally, their pre-sales and after-sales services are unmatched, providing customers with comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of the boilers.


Solid fuel steam boilers, such as those offered by ZOZEN, are instrumental in industrial processes, providing efficient and sustainable solutions. With their extensive range of boiler series and their focus on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, ZOZEN continues to lead the industry, meeting the evolving needs of various sectors. Embracing solid fuel steam boilers is a crucial step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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