Vertical Natural Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier

Gas thermal oil boiler has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature operation, and its heating temperature can reach 340 degrees in liquid phase or 400 degrees in vapor phase. Vertical thermal oil boilers takes heat conducting oil as medium, and uses hot oil circulating pump to force liquid phase circulation of medium. Then the heat energy is transferred to the heat equipment and then returned to the heating furnace heating from the beginning, with a high operating temperature under low pressure, and can carry out high precision control of the medium operation operation. The system has high heat utilization rate and convenient operation and repair. It is a kind of safe, efficient and energy-saving ideal heating equipment of choice.


Vertical Natural Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier

Vertical thermal oil boilers


Vertical Thermal Oil Boilers Advantage

  1. Thermal oil boiler can obtain low pressure and high temperature hot medium, convenient adjustment, heating average, can be satisfied with the precise process temperature.
  2. Liquid phase cycle heating, no condensing heat loss, heating system high thermal efficiency.
  3. The change of volume caused by heating and releasing heat of working medium and temperature rise and fall shall be compensated by technical measures in the system.
  4. There are technical measures to strictly control the content of air, moisture and other low volatiles in the working medium before cycle heating.

This series of thermal oil boiler are widely used in high temperature shaping, plate heating, rubber, drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, waterproof coil production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot rolling mill, FRP hot press, mold, drying room, oven and other industries requiring heat. The boiler is controlled by advanced program controller, which can realize various functions necessary for normal combustion, and can automatically implement protective alarm in normal state, accident state and extraordinary circumstances. Then with the corresponding liquid level controller, pressure controller, temperature controller. In order to achieve inlet and outlet pressure indication, inlet and outlet temperature indication. Ensure that the temperature of the heat carrier fluctuates within the normal range and the pressure fluctuates within the allowable range.

This series of thermal oil boiler system can output oil temperature of 350℃ for hot users in atmospheric liquid phase. The main heating power supply adopts solid state module contactless switching circuit, which is suitable for frequent switching and has no interference to the power supply network. And has the dry burning resistance. Hot oil cooling system can be designed according to user’s requirements to meet the production process requirements of rapid cooling after heating up. YYQL series thermal oil boilers use energy saving, low operating cost, high thermal efficiency, good economy.


Vertical Natural Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Supplier

YYQL series thermal oil boilers


Vertical thermal oil boilers equipment less investment, use safety and environmental protection, wide range of applications. The environmental protection effect of the boiler is mainly reflected in the discharge of flue gas is very little, no pollution and thermal pollution. And because the system only bears the pump pressure, the heat conducting oil furnace system has no explosion risk, so it is more safe. Zozen Boilers specializes in producing various types of boiler products, we have established friendly and cooperative relations with many users over the years, we can also customize boiler service according to the requirements of the drawings provided by users, welcome to come to consult and purchase.

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