15 Ton Industrial Gas Boiler Gas Consumption

With the implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies such as the adjustment of market industrial structure, regional central heating, and cogeneration. The proportion of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers will drop significantly. At present, it is developing in the direction of large capacity, high parameters, high energy efficiency and low emissions. Coal-fired boilers will be based on layer-fired boilers, that is, chain grate boilers. The development towards large capacity and high parameters cannot be replaced by any other coal-fired boiler. Boilers using clean combustion technology, such as large-capacity circulating fluidized bed boilers (35t/h), have advantages in burning low-quality coal, energy saving, and environmental protection, and will develop rapidly. Industrial gas fired boiler will develop into condensing low-nitrogen boilers.


Industrial gas fired boiler

Industrial gas fired boiler


The 15ton gas boiler gas consumption, and the thermal oil boiler is a boiler that uses heat-conducting oil as the heat medium for heat transfer. Utilizing the high-temperature characteristics of thermal oil, the thermal oil boiler can realize low-pressure and high-temperature heating. The thermal oil boiler produced by ZOZEN’S can adapt to various fuels such as natural gas, biogas, coal, and biomass. It can be divided into four series: YQW series fuel/gas horizontal thermal oil boiler, YQL series fuel/gas vertical thermal oil boiler, YLW series coal (biomass) horizontal thermal oil boiler and RYQ series molten salt furnace.

The gas-fired thermal oil boiler has the following important points when it is used: If the pressure difference of the gas-fired thermal oil boiler is unstable, it cannot be put into use. In addition, when the industrial gas fired boiler is at a high temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the heat transfer oil has a good circulation. For the oil output temperature of the gas thermal oil furnace, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the allowable working temperature of the heat conduction oil. ZOZEN’S service outlets all over the world, accept boiler customization, guide the installation throughout the process, welcome to consult!

The 15ton gas boiler gas consumption is rapidly accelerating with the continuous expansion of the manufacturing industry and the improvement of the technical level. Zozen Boilers is not only actively deploying overseas markets, but also working with more and more Chinese companies to go overseas. GM Group built a plant in Thailand and Deli Group built a plant in Vietnam, unanimously choosing Zozen Boilers with reliable and stable performance. We produce more than 400 types of boilers product in four series, which meet the needs of different customers and have accumulated a good market reputation.


15ton gas boiler

15ton gas boiler


With the changes in my country’s energy supply structure policy and increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection. Industrial gas fired boiler will develop in the direction of high energy conservation, high efficiency and sufficient combustion. Therefore, the transformation of coal and gas boilers will be promoted to effectively achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. Zozen Boilers has made great achievements in gas energy-saving boilers, and its energy-saving technology has developed rapidly, laying a solid foundation for the future.

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