WNS Series Gas Steam Boiler Application Field

As is known to all, WNS series gas steam boilers are horizontal quick-mounted internal combustion three-return fire tube boilers. The gas steam boiler application has a wide range of applications, the whole boiler adopts the bias-blow-back structure, and the high-temperature flue gas scour the second and third return flue gas pipes successively. It is then discharged into the atmosphere by the rear smoke chamber through the chimney. The boiler is fitted with movable front and rear smoke box covers to facilitate boiler maintenance. WNS series boilers are equipped with industrial burners with good technical performance, adopting advanced technologies such as automatic proportional combustion regulation, automatic feed water regulation, program start and stop, automatic operation, etc., and have automatic protection functions such as high and low water level alarm, extremely low water level, ultra-high steam pressure and flameout.


Gas steam boiler application

Gas steam boiler application


This series of gas fired boilers are widely used in the manufacture and drying of chemical products, chemical products and pharmaceuticals in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Coating industry automobile, motorcycle, container, home appliances, iron printing can and other industrial products baking paint, powder curing. Hot setting, hot melt dyeing, baking, hot air stretching in textile printing, dyeing and non-woven industry. Molding sand and core drying in foundry industry. Abrasive, abrasive industry emery cloth and grinding wheel drying. Building materials industry wood drying, wood-based board, laminate board drying, plasterboard drying, fiberglass products drying. Agricultural products, feed and food processing and roasting coffee, tea, tobacco and vegetables, grains, noodles, aquatic products, fish meal, soybean meal and other drying. Heating engineering, industrial plant and civil building heating. Welding material line electrode, flux drying. Insulation materials, fiberglass silicate aluminum products, rare earth insulation, fiberglass products drying.

The gas steam boiler application is widely and uses micro-positive pressure operation, which effectively improves the combustion intensity of the furnace. Make the volume of the same capacity boiler smaller, at the same time eliminate the boiler chamber, flue air leakage, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The gas fired boiler is equipped with an integrated finned tube economizer and an external independent condenser, which is compact in structure and easy to maintain. The current popular condensation technology is adopted to reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the thermal efficiency. Adopting advanced EDA design technology, the structure and size of furnace body are calculated in detail, the flow velocity and resistance of flue gas are controlled effectively, and the heat exchange between flame and flue gas is rationally and fully utilized to improve the thermal efficiency of boiler.

This series of industrial gas fired boilers adopt reasonable structural design and excellent fire-resistant and heat preservation materials, which can greatly reduce the external temperature of the furnace body, make the external temperature higher than the standard, reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. A new design is adopted to reduce the emission of harmful substances during fuel combustion and meet the environmental protection standards, especially the emission of nitrogen oxides, and meet the low nitrogen emission standards. Adopt imported burners of many international famous brands, adapt to various application scenarios, ensure quality and safety. At the same time, variable frequency feed water and control technology will be used to ensure the condensation rate of steam in the flue gas.


Gas fired steam boilers

Gas fired steam boilers


Gas steam boiler application adopts PLC and other automatic controller as the control core. High quality peripheral components are adopted to realize high quality automatic control system, which can collect temperature, pressure and other parameters of inlet and outlet in real time and display them in the control cabinet in real time. At the same time, this series of boilers will be through PID closed-loop control system, to ensure the stable operation of the boiler. Under various parameters set by users, the working range of each group of data can be monitored, and various abnormalities can be reminded or alerted, which is convenient for users to use and maintain. The control module has powerful expansion capacity, and according to the needs of customers, it can conveniently realize group control, remote control and other deep applications. Zozen Boilers products, specializing in the production of high quality boiler, friendly cooperative relations with a number of consumers welcome advisory procurement.

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