WNS8-1.25-YQ Horizontal Natural Gas 8 Tons Steam Boiler

WNS8-1.25-Y(Q) boiler is a horizontal wet-back three-pass gas boiler. The main pressure components of the main body are tube plate, furnace bladder, back combustion chamber and threaded smoke pipe. In the furnace design of the horizontal 8ton gas boiler, a corrugated furnace is used. When designing the furnace diameter and length, fully consider the matching of the flame length and diameter of the burner. Make it fit better with the flame shape.


Horizontal 8ton gas boiler

Horizontal 8ton gas boiler


The natural gas steam boiler is fully burned, and the use of the corrugated furnace not only strengthens the disturbance of the flue gas, but also increases the radiant heat transfer area. It not only reduces the rigidity of the furnace bladder, but also effectively weakens the expansion stress of the furnace bladder. The natural gas boiler body is equipped with 300×400 manholes, G88x 102 hand holes and 4426 inspection doors, which are conducive to the safe operation and maintenance of the boiler.

The WNS8-1.25-YQ steam boiler is equipped with an atmospheric condenser at the end. The condenser can effectively utilize the waste heat of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler. The hot water heated by the condenser can enter the soft water tank for boiler use. It not only improves the inlet water temperature of the boiler, but also can be used for other life. The application of a horizontal 8ton gas boiler can reduce the boiler exhaust gas temperature and make the boiler environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Taking a 1ton boiler as an example, it can operate stably under 80%-operating conditions. Under the rated load, the boiler operating parameters are: the feed water temperature is 20℃, and the pressure is 1.25MPa. It can produce 1 ton of water vapor with a temperature of 194℃ in 1 hour. When light diesel is used as fuel, the calculated thermal efficiency is 94.5%. The exhaust gas temperature is 88.1°C, and the light oil consumption is 67.2k/h. When natural gas is used as fuel, the calculated thermal efficiency is 94.3%, the exhaust gas temperature is 87.1°C, and the natural gas consumption is 81.INMP/h.

This series of boiler products are suitable for chemical work: fertilizer plants, oil refineries, beverage plants, painting plants, plastic plants, glass plants, etc.; production work: paper mills, textile mills, dairy plants, wineries, food plants, food plants, etc. Fungus workshop, shoe factory, ceramic factory, furniture factory, tire factory, mat factory, cigarette factory, chopstick factory, printing factory, tape factory, foam factory, hardware factory, flooring factory, cabinet factory, wooden door factory, battery factory, salt Plants, tea factories, instrument factories, etc.; construction work: road and bridge maintenance, concrete steaming, autoclaved aerated bricks, etc.; as well as agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical production, fireproof material production and other tasks can be used.


WNS8-1.25-YQ steam boiler

WNS8-1.25-YQ steam boiler


The horizontal 8ton gas boiler has a large shell diameter and large water capacity. Strong ability to change habit of load, stable output. The WNS series has a large steam space, the distance between the steam-water interface and the steam outlet is sufficiently high, and the steam humidity is small. The boiler combustion chamber is composed of a large-diameter full-corrugated furnace, with large combustion space, fuel combustion, effective absorption of thermal expansion, and large radiant heating surface.

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