YLW Forced Circulation Industrial Thermal Oil Boiler

The body of the YLW series thermal oil boiler is composed of a chassis, a steel frame, a square coil, a shed tube, a space elbow, a serpentine tube bundle and various headers. The interior is a furnace wall and front and rear arches made of refractory bricks and refractory concrete. The outside of YLW forced circulation boiler is steel frame and skin board, and the middle is insulation material.


YLW forced circulation boiler

YLW forced circulation boiler


The boiler product combustion device adopts a light chain grate and a square coil to form a combustion chamber, thereby increasing the furnace volume and having good coal type adaptability. The flame and high-temperature flue gas generated by the combustion of coal on the chain grate enters the convection tube bundle from the furnace through the burn-out chamber, flows from the flue outlet into the flue, air preheater, dust collector, and induced draft fan, and rushes up the chimney. YLW series boilers transport heat energy in liquid phase. At 300℃, the heat carrier pressure is 70 times lower than the saturated steam pressure of water. The high-quality heat source (heat-conducting oil furnace) organic heat carrier heating system can output hot oil up to 350°C under normal pressure in the liquid phase.

Industrial thermal oil boilers use circulating oil pumps to force the liquid phase to circulate. It transfers the heat generated by the boiler to the heating equipment and then returns to the reheating cycle. The system consists of expansion tanks, oil storage tanks, oil injection pumps, circulating oil pumps, oil and gas separators, valves and meters, etc. The furnace of YLW forced circulation boiler adopts double close-packed coils, and the heating surface is arranged adequately. Effectively reduce the heat load on the surface of the pipe, making the use of heat transfer oil safer.

The medium flow of YLW series boilers is reasonable. The heat transfer oil is from low (inlet) to high (outlet). The gas generated during operation is difficult to stay in the furnace and can be easily discharged from the system. This series of thermal oil boiler furnace arch design is reasonable, the flue gas stays in the furnace for a long time, and the combustion is more complete; the heating surface is turned to the flue chamber to prevent the partition wall from being directly washed by high-temperature flue gas, and effectively prevent the flue gas generated by the falling off of the smoke partition wall Short circuit phenomenon.


YLW series thermal oil boiler

YLW series thermal oil boiler


YLW forced circulation boiler has unparalleled superiority in industrial applications. A higher working temperature can be obtained at a lower operating pressure. The boiler also has many advantages such as good thermal stability, good heat transfer performance, low-pressure operation, non-toxic, odorless, and non-corrosive to equipment. The heat transfer oil can carry out stable heating and precise temperature adjustment. The thermal efficiency can be maintained at the best level under all levels of load.

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