YQ(Y)L Series Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Supply

YQ(Y)L series thermal oil boiler has high thermal efficiency and full output. It adopts automatic proportional regulation burner and automatic regulation of thermal load. YQ(Y)L series gas boiler have short installation cycle, convenient construction, and adopt automatic computer control to realize remote control. Nitrogen seal system can also be designed for users to ensure the service life of thermal oil.


YQ(Y)L series gas boiler

YQ(Y)L series gas boiler


This series of thermal oil boilers are widely used in petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, rubber, food processing, wood processing, asphalt heating, carton production, vegetable dehydration, paint baking, casting sand mold drying and so on. The gas-fired heat-conducting oil boiler starts and stops quickly and operates safely and reliably. High thermal efficiency, output stability, load adaptability. Compact structure, small volume, less floor space; Few auxiliary equipment, simple and convenient installation, short installation cycle.

YQ(Y)L series gas boiler is assembled type forced circulation, and the heating surface of the boiler body is compact. The heating surface is composed of circular coils closely arranged inside and outside. The inner coil is the radiation heating surface, while the outer coil and the outer surface of the inner coil form the convective heating surface. This series boiler has high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and the rear part is equipped with energy saving device, which can meet the environmental protection requirements and improve thermal efficiency better. After the fuel is fully burned in the combustion chamber, most of the heat is absorbed by the radiant heating surface, and the high-temperature flue gas enters the convective heating surface for heat exchange. After coming out of the boiler, the flue gas temperature is reduced through the energy saver, and the water of the energy saver can be used, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

This series of thermal oil boiler can obtain higher working temperature under lower pressure. Stable heating and precise temperature regulation are also available. With complete operation control and safety detection device, closed circuit heating, no condensation heat loss, high heat utilization rate. The gas-fired organic heat carrier boiler has full combustion, no pollution, low emission, compact structure, simple installation, small floor space and low operating cost.

The gas-fired thermal oil boiler is highly efficient and energy-saving, with stable and reliable micro-positive pressure combustion, low emission of smoke and dust, sulfur and nitrogen, and meets the requirements of smoke and dust emission. The overall design structure is simple and reasonable, simple operation, fast installation, high degree of automation. There are technical measures to compensate the changes of volume caused by heat exposure, heat release and temperature rise and fall of working medium.


YQ(Y)L series thermal oil boiler

YQ(Y)L series thermal oil boiler


The YQ(Y)L series gas boiler have high operating temperature under low pressure and high precision control of medium operation. The system has high heat utilization rate and convenient operation and maintenance. It is a safe, efficient and energy-saving heating equipment. Zozen Boilers specializing in the production of various types of boiler products over the years for many users with the quality of a full set of solutions of the boiler. We can also according to user needs, one-to-one customized services, welcome you to come to consult procurement.

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