ZOZEN 15 Ton Oil Gas Boiler

The 15 ton gas oil fired water tube boiler has a double-barrel structure in a D-shaped configuration and a rated evaporation capacity of 15 tons per hour, producing 15 tons of steam per hour. Its high thermal efficiency of over 95% improves working time, reduces operating costs, and minimizes fuel consumption.

ZOZEN SZS series oil gas fired steam boiler

ZOZEN SZS series oil gas fired steam boiler

The SZS series oil gas boiler’s radiant heating surface features a fully corrugated furnace, while the convection heating surface utilizes threaded flue pipes. The flue gas condensation recovery device at the tail improves thermal efficiency by using the heat in the tail gas. The furnace bile size is the same as the flame size, minimizing heat loss and achieving a thermal efficiency of over 95%. This steam boiler also features high and low water level alarms, low water level interlock, overpressure alarm, and interlock protection functions, instilling confidence in users.

ZOZEN’s SZS model of the 15 ton oil gas fired boiler consists of a membrane wall cladding layer, with flue gas entering the connection between the upper and lower boilers of the convection tube from the outlet of the furnace body. After flowing through the convection tube bundle, the flue gas enters the heating surface at the tail of the boiler. The boiler’s energy saver and condenser further collect the heat in the tail gas, and the flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere via the chimney.

The SZS series steam boiler is an energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial boiler product, featuring automatic operation, program-controlled ignition and combustion, automatic water replenishment, three-stage water level protection, three-stage steam overpressure protection, flameout protection, and gas leakage protection. Its energy-saving features make it a popular industrial boiler in the market, widely used in food processing, feed mills, distilleries, pharmaceutical plants, heating, and other production processes requiring steam.

ZOZEN oil gas fuel water tube boiler

ZOZEN oil gas fuel water tube boiler

This series of oil gas boilers use high thermal resistance material as the insulation layer for good heat preservation performance. The energy-saving device at the end of the boiler reduces exhaust temperature, and the boiler has high thermal efficiency. ZOZEN is a digital production of industrial boiler manufacturers, ensuring high-quality products through strict inspections at every stage of production. Contact ZOZEN for a free customized boiler system plan and quote according to your actual needs.

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