ZOZEN: Leading Supplier of Dual Fuel Boiler


ZOZEN, a leading name in the industry, is widely recognized as a reliable supplier of dual fuel boiler. With a range of innovative offerings, ZOZEN provides efficient and versatile solutions for various industries. Among their exceptional product lineup, the WNS series and SZS series dual fuel boilers stand out as prime examples. Let’s explore the key features and specifications of ZOZEN’s dual fuel boilers.

Part 1: ZOZEN Gas/Oil Fired Dual Fuel Boilers – WNS Series and SZS Series

ZOZEN’s WNS series dual fuel boiler is three-pass wet-back steam boiler. They offer a thermal capacity of 1-20 t/h and a working pressure of 0.7-2 MPa. Equipped with an advanced control system, these boilers can operate unmanned, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

ZOZEN Dual Fuel Boiler

ZOZEN WNS Series Dual Fuel Boiler

On the other hand, the SZS series dual fuel boiler features a double-drum, horizontal, D-type layout. With a thermal capacity ranging from 2-110 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25-5.3 MPa, these boilers are designed with membrane water-cooled walls and large furnace chambers, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

Part 2: Key Features of ZOZEN Dual Fuel Boiler

ZOZEN’s dual fuel boilers offer several notable features that set them apart:

Flexible Fuel Switching: These boilers allow seamless switching between two fuel modes – oil and gas, offering economic benefits and operational flexibility.

High Efficiency and Energy Savings: Incorporating advanced combustion technology and optimized heat utilization design, these boilers achieve thermal efficiencies of over 98%.

Environmental Friendliness and Low Emissions: Equipped with low NOx burners and efficient flue gas treatment systems, ZOZEN dual fuel boilers comply with international and domestic environmental standards.

Safety and Reliability: ZOZEN dual fuel boilers adhere to stringent safety standards and are equipped with multiple safety protection devices, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Intelligent Control: These boilers feature a PLC intelligent control system, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment. The user-friendly interface facilitates easy operation and maintenance.

Part 3: ZOZEN’s Commitment to Innovation and Quality

ZOZEN remains dedicated to continuous technical innovation and quality enhancement. They strive to optimize and upgrade the performance and functionality of their dual fuel boilers to meet diverse market demands. ZOZEN’s solutions contribute to efficient production and sustainable development across various industries.


ZOZEN’s dual fuel boilers, including the WNS series and SZS series, offer outstanding features and exceptional performance. With their flexible fuel options, high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and reliable operation, these boilers provide reliable solutions for industries seeking efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions.

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