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The water wall pipe in front and rear of the furnace of coal-fired steam boiler extends downward to the upper part of the grate to form the front and rear arch. The structure is increased on the basis of the original mature bulk boiler, and the radiation heating surface of the furnace is added on the basis of the same heating area of other boilers, and the overload capacity is stronger. The front and rear arches of the 15 Ton coal fired boilers are made of water-cooled wall pipes and cast with high aluminum cement. Thus, the defects of fracture and arch collapse of the original boiler three-fold arch brick in long-term high-temperature barbecue are avoided, thus prolonging the service life of the arch.


15 Ton coal fired boilers

15 Ton coal fired boilers


The length of the front and rear shafts of the steam boiler is lengthened, which prolongs the combustion time of the fuel in the furnace, makes the combustion of coal fully, and reduces the carbon content of the slag; The effective area of grate is increased and the overload capacity of boiler is enhanced obviously. SZL series coal-fired boilers use two sides of the air inlet, along the grate longitudinal divided into six independent air chamber, each air chamber has an independent air regulating device can be adjusted respectively the size of the air volume of each air chamber, in order to achieve the ideal adjustment of combustion effect. Membrane water wall structure is adopted on both sides of boiler furnace and combustion chamber. Membrane type water wall structure is designed by our company independently. The membrane type water wall structure used in power plant boiler is applied to assembled boiler. Its advantages are large heat transfer coefficient, good conduction effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of furnace wall and no ash leakage.

The 15 Ton coal fired boilers can burn coal and biomass fuel with high ash content, fire fully and burn thoroughly. This series of boiler products adopts double drum tube type chain grate boiler. The boiler is composed of upper body and lower furnace chain row. Separate factory, site installation. The boiler drum is arranged longitudinally along the center of the boiler, the drum and the water-cooled wall tubes on both sides form the radiant heating surface of the furnace, and the tube bundle between the upper and lower drum forms the convection heating surface. Chain grate air bin into the air, the air volume of each air bin independent adjustment, grate stepless speed regulation. The boiler has compact structure, small footprint and short installation cycle.

This series boiler adopts large optimized furnace arch, light chain grate for combustion equipment and stepless speed regulation. This kind of structure arrangement is compact, saving material, occupying small area, optimizing combustion, saving coal and saving energy, large water capacity, reliable circulation and high safety performance, ensuring the thermal efficiency and output. Boiler ventilation resistance is small to ensure the full combustion of fuel, the design has a large grate ventilation load surface ratio, and coal removal slag are realized mechanization. SZL series steam boiler adopts the optimized arch, the application of the arch lengthened the stroke of the high temperature flue gas produced in the furnace, and the high temperature flue gas is returned to the new coal area, in order to improve the temperature of the new coal area, so that the new coal can catch fire in a short time. Because the high temperature flue gas stays in the furnace for a long time, it also enhances the disturbance of flue gas in the furnace and strengthens the combustion condition in the furnace.


Coal-fired steam boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler


The economizer of the 15 Ton coal fired boilers has a streamlined design, which can prevent the economizer from having poor heat transfer due to ash accumulation. This series of steam boilers have good water circulation performance, sufficient heating surface, start-up temperature rise, rapid pressure rise, sufficient output and high efficiency. SZL series boilers are delivered by quick-installation. After they are used at the site, they can be operated when they are installed with valves, instruments, drums, induced draft fans, flue gas ducts, dust collectors and water circuits, and have the characteristics of fast starting and ignition. Zozen Boilers specializes in the production of boiler products. Various types of boilers are complete, and boilers can be customized. Welcome to consult and purchase!

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