5 Ton Steam Boiler Run by Diesel  and Gas

When the diesel and gas steam boiler is running, the fuel is ejected from the burner, ignited by the electronic ignition rod, and burned at a slight positive pressure in the furnace. Turn 180° from the upper part of the rear smoke box to enter the economizer for heat exchange and then discharge into the atmosphere through the chimney. The main pressure components of 5 ton steam boiler body are tube sheet, furnace gallbladder, return combustion chamber and threaded smoke pipe.


5 Ton Steam Boiler Run by Diesel  and Gas

5 Ton Steam Boiler


In the furnace design of 5 ton steam boiler run by diesel  and gas, a corrugated furnace is used. When designing the furnace diameter and length, the matching with the flame length and diameter of the burner is fully considered. It is better adapted to the shape of the flame to ensure sufficient combustion. And the use of the corrugated furnace not only strengthens the disturbance of the flue gas, but also increases the radiation heat transfer area; it not only reduces the rigidity of the furnace, but also effectively weakens the expansion stress of the furnace.

The 5 ton steam boiler body is equipped with 300×400 manholes, G88×102 hand holes and φ426 inspection doors, which are beneficial to the safe operation and maintenance of the boiler. And the tail of the diesel and gas steam boiler is equipped with an atmospheric pressure condenser, which can effectively utilize the waste heat of the flue gas at the tail of the boiler. The hot water heated by the condenser can enter the soft water tank for boiler use. That is, the inlet water temperature of the boiler is increased, and it can also be used for other living purposes.

WNS series diesel gas steam boilers are subject to the supervision and inspection of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Institute, and the design, materials and production process fully comply with the existing national boiler manufacturing standards. Quality assurance, safe and reliable. The design of this series of boiler product control systems is advanced and reasonable. Water supply, ignition, combustion, fault protection, etc. are all chain-controlled, the fuel is completely burned, the thermal efficiency is high, there is no black smoke, and there is no environmental pollution.


5 Ton Steam Boiler Run by Diesel  and Gas

WNS series diesel gas steam boilers


WNS series steam boiler adopts safe and scientific structure design. Equipped with multiple interlocking protection devices such as safety valve, pressure controller, water level control protector, etc., it is safe and reliable. The corrugated furnace structure is used to effectively compensate for thermal expansion and prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction stress. The boiler structure is safe and reliable, and the service life is prolonged.

5 ton steam boiler has simple structure, convenient manufacture and easy operation. The boiler drum is equipped with a steam-water separation device and a water supply device, and the lower part is equipped with a regular sewage device. The steam header is used in the boiler to optimize the quality of the steam. The door cover of the combustion chamber has a flange structure, which can easily open the smoke box, repair the burner or clean the furnace and smoke pipes. Greatly improve the safety and reliability of boiler operation.

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