CFB Coal Fired Steam Boiler Supply

CFB coal fired steam boiler adopts natural circulation single – tube water tube boiler, TT – type structure. Water – cooled/high temperature insulated volute cyclone is used for separation. The furnace of CFB coal fired boiler is closed structure with membrane water – wall suspension. Superheater, economizer and air preheater are arranged in the tail shaft. Using water cooling chamber and water/rewind board, water under the bed.


CFB boiler manufacturer

CFB boiler manufacturer


DHX series CFB steam boiler is a circulating fluidized bed boiler. The model is DHX, which stands for single-drum (D) transverse (H) circulating fluidized bed (X) boiler. DHX75-3.0 means a 75-ton DHX fluidized bed boiler with a pressure of 3.0. Such a boiler is usually a 75-ton fluidized bed steam boiler for power generation or large industrial concentrated steam supply. As for fuel, as a result of DHX coal-fired steam boiler fuel applicability is wide and, therefore, anthracite, bituminous coal, lean coal and lignite are can burn, and circulating fluidized bed boiler in extremely low cost in the process of combustion desulfurization denitration potential, current CFB technology by furnace combustion can realize effective control of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides.

This series of coal fired boilers have good sealing performance, and the furnace chamber adopts membrane water wall structure. The output is sufficient, the surface layout is fully reasonable, the boiler temperature rise and pressure boost is fast. With large load adjustment range, it can operate stably under 30-110% load. The furnace adopts special anti-wear materials and construction. High efficiency of environmental protection desulfurization, full combustion.

CFB coal fired boiler have high separation efficiency, which can reach 99%. Wide adaptability of coal, all kinds of inferior coal, gangue can get good combustion. High degree of safety automation boiler operation using remote and near – ground monitoring, automatic control and monitoring instruments complete. Safe and reliable, easy to operate. Combine industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computer software and artificial intelligence technology to establish the Internet of Things platform, which can realize remote man-machine interaction and data sharing.


CFB coal fired boiler

CFB coal fired boiler


The operation of DHX series coal circulating fluidized bed steam boiler is safe and stable. Zozen Boilers manufacturing CFB boiler, overcome the conventional circulating fluidized bed boiler high power and high wear two problems, the electricity can reduce at least 30%, while the wear rate is reduced greatly. CFB coal fired boiler is stable and efficient in operation, complete qualification certification, and its price is reasonable. It can provide customized one-to-one service according to customers’ needs. You are welcome to consult and purchase.


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