Condensing Gas Steam Boiler Supply

Condensing gas steam boiler and its system should put an end to running, risk, drop, leakage, make full use of the heat of condensed water, secondary steam and continuous discharge of sewage. And take measures to improve the recycling rate of recyclable condensed water as far as possible. Condensing gas boiler supply to establish economic operation management system: boiler users should establish the corresponding boiler economic operation management system. The comprehensive rating of economic operation is carried out at three operating levels: primary operation, secondary operation and tertiary operation. The secondary operation is to meet the basic requirements of economic operation.


Condensing gas boiler supply

Condensing gas boiler supply


This series of boilers use full premixed surface combustion NOx≤ 30mg/m3 flue gas external circulation (FGR) NOx≤ 30mg/m3. The gas fired steam boiler adopts a large furnace design, which perfectly matches the burner flame, fully reduces the combustion temperature in the high temperature area of the flame, and is equipped with a low nitrogen burner to inhibit the increase of NOx concentration and meet the requirements of low ammonia emissions. At the same time, the boiler uses the screw pipe heat transfer elastic disturbance optimization principle, design low resistance, high efficiency heat transfer screw pipe, select high quality low medium pressure boiler tube (GB3087); Long life, good heat transfer.

Condensing steam boiler installed external circulation device (FGR), ≤ 30mg/m3 emission standards. Condensing gas boiler supply of hidden pipeline design, stainless steel tube, high quality rock wool insulation. The water vapor in the condensing flue gas can absorb the latent heat of condensation, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The boiler adopts advanced WIF computer controller, which has the functions of timing control, monitoring, remote operation, detection and alarm, and the manufacturer’s timing lock can be added. Atmospheric pressure operation, combustion, over temperature, water shortage and other multiple interlock protection. Fully automatic control, double open door, very convenient repair and maintenance.

Gas steam boiler adopts waveform gallbladder, flue gas three return, all wet back structure. The fuel burns under slightly positive pressure in the furnace. The high temperature flue gas enters the first flue tube bundle through the backcombustion chamber along the furnace, and enters the second tube bundle through a 180° turn of the pressure-type front smoke box. After convection heat transfer, it enters the atmosphere. This series of steam boiler uses the design idea of three return structure of center symmetry to design a larger capacity of three return steam boiler. All the pressure components of this series of boiler products are symmetrical with the center of the drum, and the wet-back structure is used to protect the pot, which is in favor of providing enough radiation heating surface, and the convection heating surface is composed of second return and three return tube bundles.


Gas steam boiler

Gas steam boiler


Condensing gas boiler supply backcombustion chamber before the tube plate and the furnace gallbladder plate side butt connection, backcombustion chamber after the tube plate and the simplified back tube plate are connected by the back pull support, the second return and third return smoke conversion chamber form the front smoke box, where the smoke temperature is lower than 500℃. Therefore, before the smoke box structure with light structures of fire-resistant insulation materials, are considered in the design of this boiler boiler maintenance and stability principle, the boiler feed water inlet setting mix water device of feed water to flush smoke a tube bundle, then contact furnace, improves the feed water contact with the temperature of the furnace can avoid the local produce the phenomenon of subcooled boiling, steam boiler maximum evaporation space, Combined with the use of reasonable advanced steam ice separation device, so that the steam quality is quite stable.

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