DZL Series Biomass Steam Boilers For Sale

Biomass steam boilers supply fuel renewable, fuel types. Examples include rice hulls, peanut hulls, bagasse, coal, cottonseed hulls, corn cobs, sawdust, palm hulls, straw, cocoa hulls, etc. This series of biomass boiler is a kind of horizontal three – trip water – fire tube boiler. Threaded smoke pipe is arranged in the pot barrel, water wall pipe is arranged on the left and right sides of the furnace, and new energy-saving furnace arch is adopted in front and rear arch. Chain grate is more conducive to the combustion of biomass fuel. And equipped with a blower, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a slag machine to achieve automatic slag.


Biomass steam boilers supply

Biomass steam boilers supply


DZL series biomass boiler is widely used in many industries. For example, hot spring bath, printing and dyeing textile, factory office school, medical and pharmaceutical, hotel catering, food processing, chemical plant, sock factory heat shaping, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, farm heating drying, etc.

The fuel of this series steam boiler falls on the grate from the coal hopper and enters the furnace for combustion. Its flame passes through the rear arch refracting upwards through the combustion Chambers on both sides of the body and turns to the front smoke box. Then it folds from the front smoke box to the threaded smoke pipe in the pot barrel, goes into the economizer through the rear smoke box, and then is pumped by the induced draft fan through the flue to the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere.

The type of boiler is horizontal quick loading boiler with natural circulation of working medium.  The biomass steam boilers supply calorific value is high, combustion good, combustion rate reached more than 95%. The boiler has a large ratio, long combustion time, rich fuel resources, renewable, green and environmental protection, to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The main heating surface tube of the boiler is made of seamless steel tube of no. 20 low and medium pressure boiler, and the boiler barrel is made of special steel plate for the boiler. The left and right containers are made of seamless steel tubes.

The industrial boiler is composed of five parts: boiler body, economizer, smoke duct, dust collector and pipeline system. The first four parts have been manufactured in the factory and transported to the installation site for assembly, which can greatly shorten the installation cycle and ensure the installation quality of products. Zozen Boilers main production sales DZL series steam, hot water boiler, SZL series steam, hot water boiler, being series fuel oil (gas) steam, hot water boiler, CFB boiler and auxiliary machinery and all kinds of boiler pressure vessel products.


Biomass fired steam boiler for sale

Biomass fired steam boiler for sale


Biomass steam boilers supply high thermal efficiency, safe and stable operation, reasonable price competitive. Zozen Boilers can also according to customer demand for one-to-one boiler custom services, fully meet the needs of customers, providing customers with the best solution of the boiler. Zozen always adhere to the people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation development strategy, with a high-quality management, technology, production personnel team, for the development of the enterprise has laid a solid foundation. Welcome customers to visit our factory to purchase, we will provide you with a comprehensive boiler solution services.


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