DZL10-1.25-AⅡ-10 Ton Horizontal Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boiler

Biomass fired boilers there are rows of water-cooled wall tubes on the left and right sides of the furnace, and two sets of tube bundles are arranged in the drum to form two return trips. This type of boiler has sufficient heating surface and is equipped with a tail heating surface economizer. The chain grate biomass boiler is equipped with drums and induced draft fans to achieve mechanical ventilation. The boiler has layered combustion, wide adaptability of coal types, and good smoke elimination effect. Equipped with a medium-resistance high-efficiency cyclone dust collector, the smoke and dust emission concentration meets the environmental protection requirements of the second-class area.


Chain grate biomass boiler

Chain grate biomass boiler


The 10 Ton biomass boiler flue gas passes through the upper combustion chamber of the rear arch. From the combustion chamber upward through the rear shed pipe smoke chamber, it enters the first tube bundle to the front smoke box, and then folds into the second bundle from the front smoke box to the rear smoke box. It is drawn into the flue, dust collector and chimney through the induced draft fan, and finally discharged to the atmosphere. This type of boiler product uses biomass pellets processed from crop wastes such as straw, sawdust and peanut shells as fuel. At the same time, a new type of furnace design is applied to maximize the combustion of fuel. Then, the heat transfer through the built-in three-return threaded flue pipe makes the thermal efficiency of the boiler reach 82.6%. The waste is used as suitable fuel, and the ash after combustion can also be used as farmyard manure. It is an environmentally friendly product with high efficiency and energy saving.

The chain grate biomass boiler adopts the arched tube sheet and the threaded smoke pipe to form the boiler. The boiler is changed from quasi-rigid to quasi-elastic structure, the tension members in the tube sheet area are cancelled, and the stress is reduced. The combustion products of the automatic biomass boilers contain a large amount of combustibles, the ash and slag are blackened, and sometimes raw meal can be seen discharged. The combustion gas contains a large amount of carbon monoxide combustible components. This series of biomass boilers adopts heat-resistant concrete integral casting wall and outer wall vermiculite concrete protective layer, which enhances the tightness of the furnace wall, reduces the air leakage coefficient of the furnace wall, and avoids the influence of flue gas short circuit on the output and efficiency of the boiler.

The energy-saving furnace arch of heat-resistant concrete integral casting is used in the furnace of the horizontal biomass boiler, which improves the ignition conditions of coal. The independent air chamber is adopted to achieve reasonable air distribution, so that an aerodynamic field favorable for combustion is formed in the furnace, which greatly increases the adaptability of coal. DZL series steam boilers use threaded smoke pipes to enhance heat transfer and improve heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency. Since the flue gas is disturbed in the pipe, it is not easy to collect ash in the flue pipe, which plays the role of self-cleaning.


10 Ton biomass boiler

10 Ton biomass boiler


The chain grate biomass boiler must maintain the specified normal water level of the boiler during operation, and no lower or higher water level is allowed. Also should always pay attention to the working pressure to maintain it at normal air pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure should be kept stable, and the height deviation should not be greater than plus or minus 0.05MPa. The specified working pressure of the boiler should be marked with a red line on the pressure gauge of the boiler. Always pay attention to the relationship between wind pressure and combustion during operation. And it is necessary to control the negative pressure at the outlet of the combustion chamber to be 20-30Pa, so that the boiler does not spray smoke outward.

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