Gas Steam Boilers Manufactuing

As is known to all, steam boilers are mainly used to burn natural gas, methane and other fuels to generate heat for heating. The operator can control the boiler to burn itself, and the boiler can stop working with one button. The spoiler is installed in the flue gas steam boilers sales, which can reduce the exhaust speed and better protect the environment. Fully automated operation, complete safety function, very safe and reliable.

Reliability is one of the characteristics of gas-fired boilers. The service life of boilers can be increased by selecting raw materials strictly and combining with manufacturing methods at home and abroad. High safety, compared with the traditional boiler safety function has been greatly improved, explosion and fire protection and other functions are done to the extreme. This series of steam boilers refer to the principle that steam is generated by heating with water and heat is generated in the furnace, which is mainly operated by heating water. The design is very humanized, the operation is brief, the beginning is simple, and is very safe. Boiler has big and small, according to the specific situation to select size.


Gas steam boilers sales

Gas steam boilers sales


Gas boiler is mainly after heating, hot water exultation steam, through the convective method for the transfer of heat, in the furnace constantly circulation, and finally in the flue gas discharge remaining. The boiler can also be used to produce heat, and then constitute power, and continuously produce heat to form a form. Gas steam boilers sales appearance of more beautiful choice of raw materials, appearance more concise generous. The material is carefully selected, the display is planned to give an overview of the conditions in the furnace, the simplicity of operation, and the increased efficiency of the steam boiler are all part of the superior planning.

This series of industrial boilers are also characterized by small size, compact structure and convenient installation. It is also more convenient to operate. It chooses the combustion machine under the setting method, causes the fuel combustion abundant. The boiler operates smoothly and takes up less space. The steam boiler adopts horizontal internal combustion full wet back structure and is equipped with highly efficient threaded pipe. Equipped with perfect insulation outsourcing planning, boiler thermal efficiency up to over 85%. The design of gas boilers is novel, the structure is reasonable, the craft performance is outstanding, causes this product to have the extraordinary excellent quality. The bottom of the steam boiler is mostly made of the bottom of the heat preservation furnace tilted to the back wall is for the heat preservation furnace bottom, in order to obtain good combustion characteristics.

This series of steam boilers are widely used in industry, mainly used in food industry: food processing, medical industry, canned bottles etc., used for disinfection, food industry can be used for steamed meat, meals. Wine is also made with steam. Petrochemical industry: Steam heats oil and increases its flow. Steam is also used in petrochemical production. Production enterprises: such as insulation foam board, production with steam heating raw materials foam production. The wood that makes furniture wants steam to undertake drying, ability makes furniture. The aerated bricks used in construction are also dried with steam and can generate electricity, etc. Packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, set of labeling machine supporting the use. Biological chemical industry: fermenter, reaction kettle, mixer, emulsifier and other equipment supporting use. Food machinery industry: steam box, sterilizer, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine and other equipment supporting use.


Gas steam boilers supply

Gas steam boilers supply


We are a professional boiler manufacturer whose products are exported to all over the world. Gas steam boilers sales price is reasonable, high quality, is one of the best-selling products in the market. The boiler made by our factory runs smoothly and stoutly, uses safely, the efficiency is high, welcome everybody to come to consult to purchase, we also can carry on the one-to-one custom service according to the drawing which the customer provides, professionally answers each kind of boiler question.


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