High Quality Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Supply

Biomass thermal oil boiler is a new thermal energy equipment which uses biomass fuel as the main fuel and heat conduction oil as the circulating medium for heating. Thermal oil boiler is a new type of heat transfer equipment whose heat carrying medium is high temperature heat conduction oil (also known as hot coal body, heat carrier). Usually, “MW” (MW) is used to represent the capacity of the furnace. The old unit also uses “ten thousand kilowatts/hour” or “ten thousand kcal/ hour”, namely “104kcal/h”.


High Quality Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Supply

Biomass thermal oil boiler


The thermal oil exhaust in the biomass organic heat carrier boiler, generally speaking, is at the top of the boiler, that is, the high point of the pot shell. And, in this part, there is a valve seat this part, mainly used to install the safety valve. Moreover, this will be marked on the boiler drawings. As long as we can understand the drawings, we can avoid mistakes.

This series of industrial boiler is to use the hot oil circulating pump to force the liquid phase circulation of the medium, the heat energy is transferred to the thermal equipment and then returned to the heating furnace for reheating, to achieve the function of high working temperature medium under low pressure, and can carry out high precision control of the medium operation. Biomass thermal oil boiler has strong fuel adaptability, diverse grate structure and large diameter combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber of the boiler is composed of large diameter disc tube, coil structure or series or parallel, fuel combustion space is sufficient, combustion is complete, high thermal efficiency. The inner and outer spiral coils of the furnace body are made of multi-head and small diameter steel tubes. The coils have good thermal expansion performance, low stress, safety and reliability. Boiler flue gas three return, medium flow through the inner and outer coil tube, uniform flow rate, safe and stable operation. The heating surface layout is reasonable, the area is large, the heat transfer effect is good, the efficiency is high, the output is stable and sufficient.

The thermal oil boiler can control the temperature of the produced oil, and set multiple control protection for the temperature, pressure and excess smoke temperature of the medium to ensure the safety of operation. Automatic control level is mature, boiler controller adopts high quality electrical components, reliable performance.


High Quality Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Supply

Horizontal thermal oil boiler


Biomass thermal oil boiler has a wide range of applications, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation. Widely used in oil chemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation, concentration. Plastic foaming, extrusion qualitative. Resin setting machine, dyeing machine, drying room, high temperature machine, drum machine. Vulcanization heating of rubber. Distillation, drying, vegetable oil extraction. Warming of plywood, plyboard and fiberboard. Packing cartons of multilayer cardboard, drying, drying. And metal plating tank heating, coating condensation, drying, pharmaceutical industry distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration and so on. Welcome to Zozen Boilers for consulting and purchasing.

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