LPG Steam Boilers For Sale

Zozen Boilers manufacturing of LPG boiler adopts horizontal three return all wet back design, internal combustion furnace using waveform, can heat has a good scalability. The overall design and structure arrangement of LPG steam boilers manufacturing is reasonable, which ensures the high efficiency of boiler operation.


LPG steam boilers manufacturing

LPG steam boilers manufacturing


This series of steam boilers use high efficiency energy saving, thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%. The use of a large combustion chamber, coupled with a proper structural arrangement, can transfer more heat into the water. The heat exchange capacity between fuel and steam is greatly improved. LPG boiler is in line with environmental protection requirements, large combustor space, can make full use of radiation heat transfer, coupled with high quality and reliable imported combustor, so that fuel can be completely burned, greatly reducing the emission of harmful components in the flue gas.

This series of industrial boilers adopt high quality burners, equipped with advanced control systems, valves, pumps and other components adopt high quality products. The accessory configuration of LPG steam boilers manufacturing provides a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the boiler. This series of steam boilers operate fully automatically, users only need to start the button, the boiler can operate in accordance with the set program, load regulation, water supply, etc. are fully automatic operation, without special care.

Zozen Boilers have activities before and after the manufacture of gas boiler smoke, the door is the rear view of a hole, fire inspection hole, enters the furnace to can check to clear. Manholes are opened on the furnace body, and future maintenance is fully considered in the structural design. This series of boilers are widely used in hot spring bath, sauna room, printing and dyeing room, factory office school, medical pharmacy, hotel catering, food processing, chemical plant, sock factory heat setting, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating drying farm, etc.

WNS series boilers are fully automatic, safe, intelligent, easy to maintain and unattended. Advanced PLC control system is adopted in the oil fired steam boiler supply, with strong matching and sufficient output. Multiple safety protection devices are set to ensure the stable operation of the boiler. This series of boilers adopt horizontal internal combustion full wet back structure, at the same time adopt efficient threaded pipe, equipped with perfect heat preservation outsourcing design, high thermal efficiency, the overall structure design is reasonable, welcome to consult.


LPG boiler for sale

LPG boiler for sale


LPG steam boilers manufacturing has novel overall design, reasonable structure, good process performance and high thermal efficiency. The heat transfer coefficient of boiler is increased by using threaded pipe. The boiler has beautiful appearance, high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, stable output, short installation period, convenient maintenance and high degree of automation. Low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reduce smoke exhaust temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, economical use.

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