New Industry Gas Steam Boiolers In Germany

The horizontal gas boiler is a boiler shell type full wet backflow three-return firework tube structure, which not only improves the heat absorption intensity of the boiler, but also meets the need of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. It is scientific, reasonable and durable. After the fuel of industry gas steam boilers is ejected and atomized by the burner, the micro-positive pressure combustion is carried out in the corrugated furnace chamber. The high-temperature flue gas returns to the combustion chamber along the corrugated furnace chamber. From the reentry chamber, flush the heating surface of the threaded pipe forward again and reach the front smoke box after convection heat transfer. Finally, the flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney after convection heat transfer in the flue gas condenser through the energy saver.


Industry gas steam boilers

Industry gas steam boilers


The burners of the gas fired steam boiler are supplied by the world famous manufacturers. They automatically burn and stop according to the command of the controller. The independent program controller has a number of safety protection, safe and stable performance and low maintenance rate. The boiler is designed, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with various standards to ensure good boiler quality, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure, sufficient air supply and economic use.

This series of gas boiler flue gas flow is boiler shell type three return journey, the boiler overall combustion heat load is low, the emission of harmful substances is less, the use of environmental protection, efficient and safe. The industry gas steam boilers has large space, more stored steam and strong capacity to adapt to the load. The furnace body is provided with manhole, head hole and hand hole, which is convenient to clean the inside of the furnace bile and make maintenance and maintenance very convenient.

I plant production of high quality gas boilers for Germany, the use of environmental efficient, convenient and fast operation, the use of diesel fuel to generate heat for heating, the operator can control a button and then burn themselves, a button can stop the work. The spoiler is installed in the smoke pipe, which can reduce the speed of smoke exhaust and better protect the environment. Fully automated operation, complete safety performance, very safe and reliable.

Gas fired steam boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, clothing supermarkets, garment factories, hotels, food factories, beverage factories, soybean products factories, meat products factories, slaughterhouses, canning plants, wine factories, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories, building materials factories, coating factories, beauty parlors, bath centers and other enterprises and institutions.


Gas fired steam boiler priced

Gas fired steam boiler priced


Industry gas steam boilers work more efficiently because LCD screens are installed to achieve full automation and one-click operation. Excellent quality, high heating efficiency, safe and reliable performance, stable pressure inside the furnace, temperature can be more intuitive to see can be adjusted, very economical. Widely used in large enterprises, residences, entertainment venues, office space, etc., beautiful and generous, easy to rust and easy to take care of. Welcome to consult purchasing, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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