Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler in Bangladesh

WNS series oil fired hot water boiler has high-tech automatic control system, equipped with a number of safety protection devices, water shortage protection, overpressure protection, flameout protection, pressure abnormal protection, flue overtemperature protection. This series of hot water boiler structure adopts high and new technology, it has small body, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, automatic regulation, fuel pressure to atomization, micro positive pressure combustion makes its natural fuel combustion more full, reduce fuel loss and gas emissions. Modern industrial steam is the most convenient use, the most energy – saving, environmental protection standard products.


Oil fired hot water boiler

Oil fired hot water boiler


All flue gas channels of this series of oil fired boilers are placed in water, and the tail is equipped with waste heat water tank and perfect insulation outsourcing design. The labyrinth-type structure is adopted to seal the smoke box, avoiding the occurrence of smoke leakage. The boiler is a three-return full wet back structure, which adopts the design of large furnace and coarse smoke pipe to increase the radiant heat absorption of the furnace and effectively save energy and reduce consumption. The use of threaded pipe and corrugated furnace, greatly enhance the heat transfer effect, greatly save fuel consumption.

The oil fired hot water boiler thermal efficiency is up to 90% and adopts a combination of corrugated furnace and conical furnace with good expansion performance. The flue gas circulation area decreases in turn, which ensures the heat exchange time of high-temperature flue gas in the furnace and achieves the heat transfer effect. Also used thread smoke tube technology, with good thermal retrability, scientific airflow design, furnace temperature field uniformity, and effective absorption of flame heat, effective control Nox generation, together with excellent and reliable import burner, so that the fuel get safe combustion, in line with the most stringent international environmental requirements.

Zozen Boilers have adopted complete match with boiler automatic adjustment of high-performance combustion machine. This combustion machine combustion full, save fuel, thus effectively reduce the boiler combustion to the environment pollution. The ultra-fine glass wool with high thermal insulation performance has less heat dissipation loss. Intelligent energy-saving control system is also adopted, and the boiler and water supply system can adjust fuel supply according to different loads, so as to achieve more energy-saving purpose.

The boiler produced by us can be installed by the method of integral quick installation, which has no special requirements for the foundation, and does not need anchor bolts, so it is easy to install. The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the craft performance is good. The movable furnace head structure can not only match all kinds of burners, but also replace the furnace head and maintain the furnace body more convenient and fast. The front and rear smoke boxes adopt movable detachable structure, which can conveniently inspect, maintain and maintain the boiler interior.


Oil fired hot water boilers price

Oil fired hot water boilers price


The oil fired hot water boiler is widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, hotels, residential areas, bath centers and so on. It is fully automatic to provide heating or bathing water and domestic hot water for users. Zozen Boilers is professional boiler manufacturer, production of various types of boilers, reasonable price, high quality, welcome to purchase.


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