Oil Fired Steam Boiler Thermal Efficiency

As we all know, oil-fired boiler is heated by burner. The fuel atomization effect is good, the fuel combustion is sufficient, and the chimney can not see the black smoke, so the oil fired boiler is green and efficient and energy saving. The fuel of the oil fired steam boilers is sprayed into the furnace by the burner, and it is easy to mix with the air and burn rapidly and release heat suddenly. The high temperature flue gas is washed into the second and third return flue gas pipes in turn, and then enters the chimney through the energy saving device and is discharged into the atmosphere from the rear flue gas chamber. Widely used in enterprises, hotels, office buildings, civil buildings and other facilities industrial steam and life and heating steam.


Oil fired steam boilers

Oil fired steam boilers


This series of oil fired industrial boiler adopts advanced automatic burner of high automation degree as the main combustion equipment, the burner combustion process is controlled by a more advanced burning program controller, fuel and gas boiler necessary for normal combustion can realize a variety of functions, can be in normal condition, the accident state, can be in an extraordinary situation, implement protective boiler stop automatically, match with corresponding proportion of water level controller, pressure regulator, high and low water level indicator, overpressure, adjusting, guarantee the water level fluctuations within the normal range, the steam pressure within the scope of the allowed pressure fluctuations, the water level is extremely low, overpressure implement protective stop instructions.

Oil fired steam boilers whole structure is reasonable, the layout is compact, belongs to the energy saving and environmental protection type, conforms to the quick assembly factory conditions. This product is composed of three parts when leaving the factory: boiler main engine, chimney and piping system. The main engine and chimney part have been manufactured in the factory, and the supporting pipes, valves and instruments of the main engine have been installed randomly, which can be shipped to the site for assembly of the main engine and chimney. The air source, power supply and water pipeline can be connected on the spot for the test run. Greatly shorten the installation cycle, and can ensure product quality.

All the flue gas channels of the series steam boiler are placed in water, and the tail is equipped with a waste heat tank and perfect insulation design. The seal of the smoke box adopts labyrinth structure to avoid the phenomenon of smoke leakage of the smoke box. The oil fired boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, the combination of corrugated furnace and conical furnace with good expansion performance is adopted. The furnace size is consistent with the flame, and the flue gas circulation area is reduced in order to make the flue gas flow at the same speed, so as to ensure the heat exchange time of high temperature flue gas in the furnace and achieve the heat transfer effect.


Oil fired boilers for sale

Oil fired boilers for sale


Oil fired steam boilers burn fully, save fuel, reduce pollution. Adopt ultra-fine glass wool with high heat preservation performance, less heat dissipation loss. The intelligent energy saving control system is adopted to control the boiler and steam supply system, and the fuel supply is adjusted with different loads, which is more energy saving. The installation method is integral quick-loading boiler, with small vibration, no special requirements for foundation, no anchor bolt fixation, and easy installation. The front and back chimney adopts movable detachable structure, which can be conveniently checked, maintained and maintained inside the boiler. It is simple and convenient, with novel product design, reasonable structure and good process performance, so that this product has outstanding quality. It is a new boiler product developed by Zozen Boilers.

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