Rice Mill Paddy Rice Steam Boiler

When biomass is used as fuel, the net carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere is close to zero, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect. The steam boiler burns rice husk with superior environmental characteristics, and the emissions meet national standards. The rice mill paddy rice steam boiler has uniform heat exchange in the furnace, high heat recovery efficiency and stable operation. Based on the above advantages of boiler burning rice husk, people naturally turn their attention to the use of biomass energy by adopting the technology of burning rice husk. Rice husk is a light, multi-ash, high ash melting point, medium calorific value, and uniform natural particle size fuel, which is suitable for comprehensive utilization of thermal energy by burning rice husk in horizontal chain boilers.


Paddy Rice Steam Boiler

Paddy Rice Steam Boiler


Combustion characteristics of horizontal chain paddy rice steam boiler

  1. Rice husk ash composition is mainly silica, its ash melting point temperature is relatively high, can reach more than 1200 ℃, in the normal combustion temperature (the temperature in the furnace chamber is maintained at 500-700 ℃), rice husk combustion will not produce coking problems.
  2. Replacement combustion of rice husk can achieve a stable combustion temperature in the furnace, which is very favorable for the rapid combustion of volatile components of rice husk in the furnace chamber and the combustion of fixed carbon. The actual combustion experiment of rice husk in horizontal chain boiler test bench shows that the carbon content of fly ash after combustion of rice husk is less than 7%. The combustion efficiency can reach more than 98%.
  3. The ash composition of rice husk is mainly silica, ash particles are hard, therefore, the wear and tear of rice husk on the tube wall wear problem should be focused on the consideration. In addition to conventional boiler anti-wear measures, the choice of flue gas flow rate at the end of the boiler should be particularly careful, a reasonable flue gas flow rate, is the key to solving the problem of rice husk combustion wear in the furnace.
  4. Because of the unique advantages of burning rice husk combustion method, biomass as a fuel is very widely adaptable. Therefore, horizontal chain biomass-fired boilers can burn rice husk alone, or coal alone, while the two can also achieve different proportions of mixed combustion.
  5. In addition, the flue gas emission after burning rice husk meets the national environmental protection standard. The ash residue after burning rice husk can be used comprehensively.


Rice Mill Paddy Rice Steam Boiler

Rice Mill Paddy Rice Steam Boiler


Rice mill paddy steam boiler is used to produce 20 tons to 200 tons of rice per day. Steam boilers play an important role in the rice boiling and drying process. So far, we have a lot of experience in supplying boilers for rice mills. Most of our customers choose steam boilers for burning rice or automatic steam boilers powered by gas, diesel or LPG. We know very well about choosing steam boilers for rice mills of 20, 30, 40, 60, 100, 150 and 200 tons. If you are ready to invest in a new rice milling plant, we can help design a boiler for rice milling equipment.

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