The Cost of a Gas Boiler: Exploring Factors and ZOZEN’s Offerings


When it comes to the cost of a gas boiler, it is influenced by several factors. Understanding these factors is crucial for customers to make informed decisions. In this article, we will focus on ZOZEN, a renowned gas boiler manufacturer, and delve into the factors that impact the cost of a gas boiler. Additionally, we will explore ZOZEN’s popular gas boiler series, highlighting their features and specifications.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Gas Boiler from ZOZEN

Boiler Type: ZOZEN offers a range of gas boilers, each with its unique characteristics and functionalities. The type of boiler chosen significantly affects the cost of a gas boiler. ZOZEN provides steam boilers and thermal oil boilers, catering to different industrial needs.

Specifications and Capacity: The specifications and capacity of a gas boiler play a vital role in determining the cost of a gas boiler. ZOZEN offers various series with different thermal capacities and working pressures to accommodate diverse requirements.

Auxiliary Accessories: Additional accessories, such as pumps, valves, and control systems, contribute to the total cost of a gas boiler. ZOZEN ensures that their boilers are equipped with high-quality auxiliary components to optimize performance and efficiency.

Additional Services: ZOZEN provides comprehensive services to support their customers. These services may include installation, maintenance, and technical support. The extent of services availed can impact the overall cost of a gas boiler.

ZOZEN’s Popular Gas Boiler Series

WNS Series Steam Boiler:
The WNS series steam boiler is a highly sought-after gas boiler series. It features a thermal capacity ranging from 1 to 20 t/h and a working pressure of 0.7 to 2 MPa. The WNS series is known for its reliability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

ZOZEN Cost of a Gas Boiler

ZOZEN WNS Series Gas Boiler

SZS Series Steam Boiler:
The SZS series steam boiler is designed to meet the high thermal capacity and pressure requirements of industrial applications. It has a thermal capacity ranging from 2 to 110 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25 to 5.3 MPa.

YQW Series Thermal Oil Boiler:
The YQW series is a horizontal gas-fired thermal oil boiler that offers efficient heat transfer. It has a thermal capacity ranging from 1400 to 14000 kW and a working pressure of 0.8 to 1.0 MPa. This series is known for its stability and reliability in providing heat for various industrial processes.

YQL Series Thermal Oil Boiler:
The YQL series is a vertical gas-fired thermal oil boiler suitable for applications with limited space. It has a thermal capacity ranging from 7000 to 29000 kW and a working pressure of 0.8 to 1.0 MPa. This series offers excellent heat conduction properties and is widely used in industries where vertical installation is preferred.

Each of these gas boiler series from ZOZEN incorporates advanced features and technologies that ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Whether it’s the WNS or SZS series for steam applications or the YQW or YQL series for thermal oil applications, ZOZEN provides customers with top-quality gas boilers that meet their specific industrial requirements.

Customization for Diverse Needs

ZOZEN understands that customers have unique requirements for their gas boilers. To accommodate these needs, they offer tailored solutions. By analyzing the specific demands of each customer, ZOZEN develops customized plans that align with their expectations. This approach ensures optimal cost control, maximizing benefits for both parties involved.

ZOZEN’s Strength and Corporate Culture

ZOZEN is a leading player in the gas boiler industry, known for its expertise and commitment to quality. With years of experience, they have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. ZOZEN’s corporate culture emphasizes innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. They continually strive to deliver reliable and efficient gas boilers while providing exceptional service to their clientele.


The cost of a gas boiler from ZOZEN is influenced by various factors, including boiler type, specifications, capacity, auxiliary accessories, and additional services. ZOZEN offers a range of popular gas boiler series, each equipped with advanced features such as automatic intelligent control systems and low-nitrogen combustion technology. By providing customized solutions, ZOZEN ensures that customers receive the best possible gas boiler for their specific requirements while optimizing the cost of a gas boiler. With their strong industry presence and customer-oriented approach, ZOZEN continues to be a trusted choice for industrial gas boilers.

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