The Thermal Efficiency of Industrial Boilers of ZOZEN

Industrial boilers play an important role in today’s economic and social development. All units that use steam and hot water as heat source require boilers. ZOZEN has four series boiler products which can meet the requirements of all walks of life. Apart from considering the price, the customers also pay attention to the thermal efficiency of gas-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass-fired boilers and thermal oil heaters.


The Thermal Efficiency of Industrial Boilers of ZOZEN

The Thermal Efficiency of Industrial Boilers


The gas-fired boiler is an industrial boiler that outputs hot water or steam by burning natural gas, methane and other clean energy. The introduction of a series of environmental protection laws and regulations not only promoted the technical development of the gas-fired boiler but also broke the long-lasting leading status of the coal-fired boiler.With features of cleanness and environmental protection, ZOZEN gas-fired boilers significantly improve the on-site environment of users. The boilers not only have the advantage of low costs, but also have a low failure rate. It is worth mentioning that gas boilers have unparalleled advantages in thermal efficiency.

There are two main types of ZOZEN coal-fired boilers. The first type is the coal-fired chain grate boiler, which is mainly composed of combustion system, steam water system, control system and air and flue gas system. The boiler equipment has low investment and wide applications. The other type is a circulating fluidized bed boiler that uses fluidized combustion. Its main structure includes two parts: the combustion chamber and the circulation circuit. The low NOx and environmental protection performance of the boiler is comparable to a gas-fired boiler.

Biomass-fired boilers refer to the boilers that use biomass pellets, woodchips, corn cobs as fuel. With less atmospheric pollutants, the boilers are environment-friendly boilers.ZOZEN solved the problems of ash accumulation and slagging during biomass combustion and heat exchange after optimizing the biomass-fired boilers. Meanwhile, the comprehensive utilization of ash, which has low slag carbon content, promotes the development of circular economy. With obvious advantages, the thermal efficiency of biomass-fired boilers is higher than that of coal-fired chain grate boilers.


The Thermal Efficiency of Industrial Boilers of ZOZEN

Industrial Boilers


The thermal oil heater, also known as an organic heat carrier, generally uses the coal, oil and gas as fuel and uses oil as the heat medium. By the utilization of a thermal oil circulating oil pump, the heat medium oil is forced to circulate in the liquid phase and transfer the heat energy to the heat consuming equipment.Then the heat medium returns back to the furnace and will be reheated.Adopting advanced production technologies, ZOZEN heat oil heaters have advantages of high thermal efficiency and stable output. The thermal efficiency of ZOZEN heat oil heaters is 5% higher than that of ordinary thermal oil heaters.The use of an advanced oil temperature and oil pressure system ensures the long-term safe operation of the heaters.

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