YQW-350YQ-300,000 Kcal Fuel Thermal Oil Furnace Factory Direct Sales

The oil-fired thermal oil furnace is easy to install, the burner has high thermal efficiency, and the installation period of the thermal oil furnace is short. The heating surface of YQW-350YQ thermal oil furnace adopts densely arranged circular tubes, and the heating surface is arranged adequately. Effectively reduce the heat load on the surface of the pipe, making the use of heat transfer oil safer. The medium flow of the oil-fired thermal oil boiler is reasonable, the heat-conducting oil field is low (inlet) to (outlet), and the gas generated during operation can better improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


YQW-350YQ thermal oil furnace

YQW-350YQ thermal oil furnace


The fuel of YQW series oil-fired thermal oil boiler is adiabatic combustion in the combustion chamber. It can make it easier to burn and burn more fully, and better improve the thermal efficiency of the passage. The top of the thermal oil furnace is arranged with densely arranged coils, which can better protect the top of the furnace and avoid the phenomenon of burning the top of the furnace.

YQW-350YQ thermal oil furnace is environmentally friendly and efficient, fully automatic operation, saving labor. This series of boiler products has small resistance, large flow rate and stable pressure in use. The inner wall of the tube is treated with a special process, and the finish is high, the heat transfer oil is not easy to coke, and it is safe and durable. The boiler working medium is heated and released, and the temperature rises and falls to the volume change, and there are compensation technical measures in the system. Before the circulating heating of YQW series boilers, there are technical measures to strictly control the air, moisture and other low volatile content in the working medium.

The thermal oil furnace is environmentally friendly and adopts high-efficiency thermal insulation materials. The surface temperature of the boiler is low, and the heat dissipation loss can be ignored. Strictly produced according to specifications and standards, all pressure parts are made of high-quality boiler steel. Each boiler goes through strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, including hydrostatic test and X-ray inspection. There are manholes, inspection doors, fire viewing holes, etc., which are very convenient for maintenance.

The oil-fired thermal oil boiler can obtain low-pressure high-temperature heat medium, which is easy to adjust, and provides uniform heating, which can meet the precise process temperature. The liquid-phase circulation heating is adopted, and there is no heat loss from condensation and discharge, and the thermal efficiency of the heating system is high. In addition, it can also output two or more heat transfer oils with different temperatures at the same time according to customer requirements. Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, food and other industries, and has won the unanimous trust of our customers. with acknowledgment.


Oil-fired thermal oil furnace

Oil-fired thermal oil furnace


YQW-350YQ thermal oil furnace system has high utilization rate and convenient operation and maintenance. At the same time, this type of boiler also has the characteristics of perfect control system, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and so on. It is the ideal heating equipment at present. The boiler uses an advanced control system to control the medium, with high thermal efficiency and easy maintenance. The boiler integrates automatic detection, control, and chain alarm prompts, and the boiler does not need to be on duty, saving manpower. The size of the furnace is matched with the burning flame, and the radiative heat transfer rate is high. The heating system is simple and does not require water treatment equipment, reducing investment.

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