10 Tons Natural Gas Steam Boiler

Natural gas steam boiler adopts horizontal three return wet-back structure, so as to improve the boiler operating environment, improve the boiler combustion efficiency and service life. All flue gas channels of 10tons natural gas boiler are placed in water, and the tail is equipped with waste heat water tank and perfect insulation outsourcing design. Smoke box seal adopts labyrinth structure to avoid the occurrence of smoke leakage. This series of steam boiler adopts a fully automatic adjusting high performance combustion machine which matches the boiler effectively. This combustion machine is full of combustion, fuel saving, so as to effectively reduce the pollution of boiler combustion to the environment.


10tons natural gas boiler

10tons natural gas boiler


The gas-fired boiler has a thermal efficiency of more than 95% and adopts a combination of corrugated and conical furnace with good expansion performance. The size of the furnace is consistent with the flame, and the flue gas circulation area is successively reduced, so that the flue gas flows at the same speed, and the heat exchange time of the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace is achieved, and the heat transfer effect is good. This series of gas-fired boiler adopts superfine glass wool with high thermal insulation performance and less heat dissipation loss. Using intelligent energy-saving control system, boiler and steam supply (water supply) system can be combined with different loads to adjust the fuel supply, to achieve the purpose of more energy saving.

The installation of 10tons natural gas boiler adopts the overall quick installation method, which has no special requirements for the foundation and does not need the anchor bolt to fix, so the installation is simple and easy. This series of boiler products adopts the movable burner structure, which can not only match all kinds of burners, but also replace the burner and repair the furnace body more convenient and fast. Boiler front and rear smoke box adopts movable detachable structure, which can easily inspect, maintain and maintain the boiler interior. The boiler body adopts shell type full wet back downstream three return pyrotechnic tube structure, flame combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, fully extended, combustion heat load is low. NOx emission of harmful substances is low.

The natural gas steam boiler has large water capacity and strong load adaptability. Reasonable design of the pot device, to ensure that the steam water rate is less than 4%, to meet the user’s higher requirements for steam quality. The water level adopts stainless steel as electrode rod and PTFE as insulation material. Insert from the top, not easy to stain, reliable performance, long service life. Boiler front and rear smoke box for hinge connection, easy to open, convenient maintenance and quick.


WNS series gas fired boiler

WNS series gas fired boiler


10tons natural gas boiler is reasonably designed in the boiler device, to ensure that the steam carrying water rate is less than 4%. In order to meet the user’s higher requirements for steam quality. 10 tons of gas steam boiler is more tonnage of customer demand, boiler price needs to be based on the actual needs of customers, selection and configuration. Therefore, it is impossible to give an accurate quotation, which needs to be negotiated with the manufacturer. ZOZEN’S heatheating’s natural gas boilers are well received by enterprises due to their technical, performance and environmental performance advantages. The star product of the WNS series gas fired boilers is particularly popular and is widely used in the chemical, food, printing, textile, feed, building materials, rubber and pharmaceutical industries.

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