15 Ton Oil Fired Steam Boiler For Sale

Oil fired steam boiler operation process is simple and clear, the fuel from the outside air source into the burner through automatic adjustment, automatic ignition function to produce high temperature flame, from the front of the furnace into the combustion chamber, to the return chamber tube plate from the furnace along the wall after the flow to the boiler smoke box, complete the first and second return, Then from the front smoke box into the convection heating surface from the rear smoke box left the boiler to the chimney into the atmosphere, complete the third return. The main structure of the 15 Ton oil fired boiler is horizontal quick-loading central back-fired tube boiler, with compact and reasonable structure design.


15 Ton oil fired boiler

15 Ton oil fired boiler


Oil fired boiler can use light diesel oil as the boiler fuel. Light diesel oil is a kind of oil product after petroleum refining, light fraction, high content of alkanes, cycloalkanes, good stability, low content of heavy metals and sulfur, pollution caused by the environment. At the same time, because of its low viscosity, good fluidity, in the process of transportation and atomization generally do not need heating, can be directly ignited to start the boiler. The series boiler adopts quick installation structure, mainly composed of boiler body, burner, economizer, condenser, soda water system and control system, etc., with the advantages of small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance.

The 15 Ton oil fired boiler has the characteristics of automatic intelligent control, easy to use and sufficient output. Not only ensure the use of high safety of steam boiler, but also easy to control temperature and pressure. WNS series steam boilers not only meet the needs of customers, but also have the advantages of convenient operation, environmental protection and high efficiency. The technical indexes of boilers have reached the advanced level at home and abroad. The boiler is widely used in industrial production, such as chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, clothing, coal and other industries.

This series of boiler products use fuel as clean energy, so it belongs to the environmental protection boiler products, has the advantage of clean pollution, which is also one of the main reasons for it to become the mainstream boiler products. Oil-fired steam boiler has high thermal efficiency, its thermal efficiency can be as high as 92%, the improvement of thermal efficiency can not only reduce fuel consumption, shorten the working time, but also reduce operating costs. At the same time absorb advanced production experience, the use of intelligent computer control cabinet, computer control cabinet has intelligent operating system, we can control the boiler through the computer control cabinet.


Oil-fired steam boiler

Oil-fired steam boiler


15 Ton oil fired boiler is safe and reliable to use, using a variety of protection devices. Such as pressure detection system, temperature display system, leakage protection device, etc., can further improve the safety factor of boiler. The steam boiler adopts safe and reliable alarm system, whether the pressure, water level and other problems, it will carry out emergency shutdown and alarm. Oil-fired steam boiler gets rid of the trouble of manual feeding, and beautiful appearance, clean environmental protection, change the image of the previous boiler room dirty mess.

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