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Horizontal Coal Fired Assembly Steam Boiler

Coal-fired assembly boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler furnace volume is large, has good dust settling function, convection tube bundle adopts “S” type structure, good infection effect, high thermal efficiency, good dust removal effect, convenient dust removal. Can burn coal and biomass fuel with high ash content, fire fully, burn thoroughly. The coal-fired assembly boiler heating area is small, the […]

2Ton Coal Fuel Steam Boiler

Coal fuel steam boiler

The boiler product heat exchange system is composed of drum, left and right collector box and water wall. The main heating surface has a furnace water wall, and part of drum and convection tube bundle inside the drum. The type of coal fuel steam boiler is horizontal quick-loading boiler with natural circulation of working medium. Boiler main heating […]

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Manufacturers

Thermal oil boiler manufacturers

YLW type thermal oil boiler adopts horizontal square box structure and mechanized chain grate. The heating surface is made of 20(GB/T3087-2008) seamless steel tubes with two specifications of φ76×4mm and φ38×3mm. The import and export container of thermal oil boiler manufacturers is made of 20(GB/T3087-2008), φ159×6mm seamless steel pipe.     The medium of coal-fired […]

Industrial Gas Hot Water Boiler Supply

Gas fired hot water boiler

Gas hot water boiler can satisfy both heating and hot water supply separately. If the heat exchanger is added to the pipeline system, the boiler can meet the two requirements of heating and bathing at the same time. Industrial hot water boilers have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, automatic operation, and are […]

10 TPH Solid Fuel Boiler For Sale

Solid biomass fuel boiler

Biomass fuel boiler is related to the improvement of solid biomass fuel boiler structure. Solid fuel boilers is to provide a biomass fuel boiler that does not coking in the combustion process, does not nodulate, and can run continuously for a long time. The series of boilers are mainly horizontal layer fired boiler furnace, the furnace includes […]

Chain Grate Water Fire Tube Steam Boiler Supply

Chain grate steam boiler

The chain grate boiler has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint and convenient installation. This series of boiler products adopt single drum longitudinal arrangement, natural circulation mode, water wall tube arranged on both sides of the drum into airfoil, effectively prevent the bottom of the drum due to scaling caused by bulge phenomenon. The […]

SZS Gas Steam Boiler Flue Gas Flow

Gas fired steam boiler

SZS gas boiler body high temperature zone adopts forced circulation to ensure that all parts of the heating surface can be reliable cooling and prevent vaporization. Gas fired steam boiler is arranged with explosion-proof door and flame detector, safe and reliable operation. The sealing between the membrane wall and the drum on both sides of […]

Coal Fired Steam Boilers Manufacturing

Coal-fired steam boiler

The combustion process of coal fired steam boilers is mainly from coal scuttles fall in front of the grate, with the grate operation, the coal after preheating distillation, fire, burn, cinder into the slag bucket, by the slag removal machine. The pipe of the coal-fired steam boiler forms a eddy current in the penthos between […]

Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Customization

Gas thermal oil boilers

The heating surface of the gas thermal oil boiler is compact in structure, and the heating surface is composed of inner and outer densely arranged disks. The inner coil of gas thermal oil boilers is a radiation heating surface, and the outer surface of the outer coil and the inner coil constitutes a convection heating […]

Fire Tube Wet Back Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Wet back steam boiler

After the heat transfer of the flue gas of the fire tube steam boiler through the smoke chamber into the human tube (the first return smoke tube), the smoke temperature is low to the front smoke box (generally around: 450℃), making the structure of the front smoke box simple, generally with steel structure lined with […]