Coal Fired Steam Boilers Supply

The large parts of the coal-fired steam boiler (mainly the upper body and the lower base) have been assembled in the plant. After the large parts of the boiler (mainly the upper body and the lower base) are in place, the user only needs to complete the interfaces and auxiliary machinery and pipeline system to run. The coal fired boilers supply adopts light chain type grate, high degree of automation, equipped with dust removal equipment, less environmental pollution, has a good comprehensive economic and technical indicators, well received by the majority of consumers.


Coal fired boilers supply

Coal fired boilers supply


This series of industrial coal fired boilers are widely used in building materials industry, feed industry, rubber factory, textile factory, food factory, beverage factory, dairy factory, canning factory, chemical fibre factory, water washing factory and so on. Low original dust concentration, high efficiency and energy saving combustion technology, and the design of a large volume furnace and combustion chamber. The boiler power output is sufficient, the middle partition structure is conducive to fly ash to burn up, increase the flue gas travel, increase the heat transfer of the combustion chamber.

The coal fired boilers supply adopts characteristic layout to refresh energy efficiency, advanced threaded pipe structure, high heat transfer coefficient, small heat loss, efficiency is far higher than similar products. To overcome the problem of bulge, part of the rising tube on both sides of the collector box is pulled towards the furnace, so as to avoid the “bulge” defect in the novel furnace structure. The boiler of this series heats up rapidly, a large number of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded smoke pipes are placed in the boiler shell, and the heating time is about 1/3 shorter than that of water tube boilers.

The tube plate of coal fired steam boiler is reliable and durable. The arch tube plate and baffle plate will improve the water circulation here and make the front tube plate fully cooled. Boiler room investment is low, in the same capacity of the minimum size of the furnace, the boiler room investment at least reduced by 1/3 and suitable for the old boiler room reconstruction capacity expansion. Blackout self-protection, natural circulation makes the water wall does not vaporize, without the use of special protection measures can prevent damage accidents.

This series of industrial steam boilers adopt quick installation before leaving the factory. After arriving at the service site, they are equipped with valves, instruments, drums, induced draft fans, smoke pipes, economizers, dust removers and slag extractors, which can save a lot of capital construction investment by convenient installation and movement. High thermal efficiency, fast steam production, good smoke and dust removal effect, low noise. Compact structure, small volume, convenient maintenance, mechanization and automation degree, low labor intensity, safe and reliable. Chain grate adopts large plate fast structure, good ventilation effect, reliable work, durable.


Industrial coal fired steam boilers

Industrial coal fired steam boilers


The coal fired boilers supply design is reasonable, and there is an independent regulating air chamber under the grate, with air inlet on both sides. A new type of curved arm screw is adopted to adjust the structure so that the cross section ratio of air conditioning and ventilation can be reached. Flexible adjustment, uniform air distribution. The push-pull slug cleaning device is designed. The slug adopts heat resistant cast iron finishing sealing structure, which can effectively prevent secondary combustion deformation and exhaust air leakage. Zozen Boilers is devoted to the production of industrial boiler products, provides a full set of solutions of the boiler for many users, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.

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