Gas Fired Steam Boiler Application

Gas fired steam boiler is widely used in industrial production, but different types of steam boilers have certain differences in performance and structure. Gas steam boilers are produced by burning natural gas to generate heat, and then heating the equipment by means of steam to make it reach the required temperature, which in turn raises the temperature of the water in the equipment to meet certain requirements in order to make it reach the required heat. At present, there are three main types of gas steam boilers: gas steam boilers, gas thermal oil boilers and oil-fired steam boilers.

Zozen Boiler manufacturing gas fired steam boiler to automatic control system, advanced technology, safe and efficient, equipped with multiple safety protection devices. With water shortage protection, overpressure protection, flameout protection, abnormal pressure protection, flue overtemperature protection. Gas fired boiler is the most convenient, energy-saving, efficient, safe, green and environmental protection product in modern industrial steam boiler. At present, it is more and more widely used in various countries and regions.

Gas fired steam boiler

Gas fired steam boiler

Application Range Of Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Garment making, washing and ironing.Construction equipment industry and shipbuilding industry.Pharmaceutical industry, biological engineering, food industry.Sauna beauty, hotels and restaurants, sports and fitness, schools and hotels.Chemical industry, plastic industry, coating industry and automobile industry, asphalt industry.

The overall structure of this series of industrial boilers is safe and reliable, and the wet back structure avoids the direct erosion of high-temperature flue gas on the smoke box. The front smoke box door is connected with the boiler body through hinge, so the smoke box door can be easily opened for easy maintenance.

Gas fired boilers

Gas fired boilers application

The gas fired steam boiler has low burning heat load, less emission of harmful substances, environmental protection, high efficiency, safety and energy saving. This series of industrial boilers for food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals and other industries to provide production steam, for medical institutions to provide disinfection steam, for other enterprises, hotels heating supply.

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