Horizontal Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer

Oil fired hot water boiler belongs to quick installation horizontal internal combustion three return fire tube structure. Horizontal hot water boiler adopts lower corrugated furnace as a whole. The high temperature flue gas produced by the boiler passes through the tempering chamber of the corrugated furnace and scour the second and third return flue pipe successively, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney from the rear flue chamber. The boiler is equipped with automatic combustion machine, using automatic proportional adjustment of combustion, automatic adjustment of water supply, program start and stop, automatic operation, and has water temperature control temperature, overpressure flameout and other automatic protection functions, the selection of superior valves, instruments, water pumps.


Horizontal Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer

Horizontal hot water boiler


This series of oil fired hot water boilers adopt reasonable heating surface structure to effectively control flue gas resistance. Proper control of exhaust temperature ensures boiler efficiency, prevents flue gas condensation, and prolongs boiler service life. The boiler is equipped with movable front and rear smoke box covers, so that the boiler maintenance is convenient. Equipped with explosion-proof door, automatic rebound after pressure relief, to ensure boiler safety. The application of heat transfer enhancement elements such as corrugated furnace and threaded smoke pipe not only strengthens the heat transfer effect, but also effectively absorbs the heat expansion and cold contraction of furnace body.

Horizontal hot water boiler furnace body and electrical control device combination, to achieve mechanical and electrical integration, that is to reduce the occupation of space and simple installation, beautiful and practical. The oil fired boiler adopts new thermal insulation materials, which can reduce the automatic heat dissipation of the boiler itself, ensure the automatic thermal insulation effect during the operation and after the shutdown of the boiler, and effectively reduce the heat loss. Stainless steel packaging, increased corrosion resistance. It has the advantages of safety, reliability, high efficiency, beautiful shape, compact structure, easy installation, durability and so on.

The series of hot water boilers adopt screw pipe to enhance the heat exchange effect and improve the thermal efficiency. Boiler operation without pollution, noise, green environmental protection. Color plate packing, beautiful and generous, never rust. The backwater of the oil-fired hot water boilers is equipped with a diversion device to guide the backwater to wash the high temperature parts of the boiler furnace and fire box, which not only enhances the heat transfer, but also avoids the occurrence of local supercooled boiling phenomenon, and effectively guarantees the safety of the boiler.


Horizontal Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler Manufacturer

Oil fired hot water boilers


Zozen Boilers specialize in producing various types of boiler products, boiler manufacturing application of advanced digital control technology, can remotely accurately monitor the combustion process. Condensing heat exchanger can be added to the flue outlet of horizontal hot water boiler to reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the boiler efficiency. We are committed to providing customers with standard, safe and reliable service, and strive to make a greater contribution to economic prosperity and environmental protection.

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