Horizontal Oil-Fired Hot Water Boiler Sales

Oil-fired hot water boiler has a high degree of intelligence. It uses highly intelligent computer control cabinet, the use of intelligent operating system control cabinet, LCD screen, virtual keys, electronic operation manual. We can control the boiler comprehensively through the computer control cabinet, such as boiler start, shut down, water temperature Settings can be controlled by keys. Horizontal hot water boiler has higher intelligence and easy operation.


Horizontal hot water boiler

Horizontal hot water boiler


Oil-fired hot water boiler is equipped with hot water boiler microcomputer controller, large Chinese LCD screen, with super bright backlight, no matter day or night, the boiler operation state can be clearly seen. This series of boiler products circulation pump working condition, burner working condition, furnace water temperature, water level, current time, alarm records, boiler operation status is available. After the boiler is turned on, the operator can enter the standby state (setting), the operation state (starting up) and the exit state (stopping) at will through 6 keys, and set the operation parameters at will when the boiler is in the standby state.

This series oil-fired boiler can arbitrarily set the current time, alarm temperature, upper temperature of water temperature, lower temperature of water temperature, circulating pump open temperature, circulating pump close temperature, boiler on/off machine time (can be divided into 4 periods) and other operating parameters. Usually, the operator only needs to press the “start” button to start the machine and press the “stop” button to stop the machine. It is very simple. Horizontal hot water boiler is to burn the fuel through the fuel burner, so that the torch in the burner is injected into the boiler furnace. Then the heat energy is converted into energy, so that the heat energy is transferred to the water in the boiler, so that the temperature of the water rises, and finally produces the working process of hot water.

Under normal circumstances, the output of the hot water boiler automatically adjusts the length of the combustion flame with the boiler temperature. When the boiler outlet temperature reaches the set value, the burner automatically stops burning, and when the temperature is lower than the set value, the burner automatically starts to work. When the occurrence of fuel, air intake abnormal phenomenon, the fault light, program control device will immediately stop the output of fuel, the combustion machine automatically shut down.


Oil-fired hot water boiler

Oil-fired hot water boiler


The horizontal hot water boiler is fully automatic programmed control, with good atomization effect, full combustion, energy saving and environmental protection. The fan is automatically purged, electronic automatic ignition, oil and gas automatic combustion, automatic ratio adjustment of wind and oil (gas), with flameout protection device to ensure combustion safety. The control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the boiler water temperature. The hot water circulating pump starts when the boiler water reaches the set upper limit water temperature, and stops when the boiler water reaches the set lower limit water temperature. Zozen Boilers specializes in the production of boiler products, seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, accelerating development, and creating corporate brilliance.

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