SZS Series 1.6 MPa Saturated Steam Boiler

As we all know, the exhaust gas temperature of traditional boilers is relatively high, in order to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and save energy. SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler are equipped with finned economizers and condensers on the side of the body. Saturated steam boiler fin heat exchanger has the advantages of small size, light weight, large heat exchange area and high heat exchange efficiency. Effectively reduce exhaust gas temperature and significantly improve boiler efficiency.


SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler

SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler


The SZS series steam boiler condenser is installed on the side of the boiler’s flue gas to absorb the waste heat of the flue gas and reduce the exhaust gas temperature. The tap water effluent is 20°C. Under the action of the water pump, the boiler feed water from the water pump flows through the condenser finned tubes at a flow rate of W≈0.5m/s. Fully heat exchange with the flue gas, the water temperature rises and enters the boiler. This series of boiler products can effectively avoid oxygen corrosion during operation because the finned tubes in the condenser are made of ND steel.

The saturated steam boiler adopts a large furnace design to prolong the residence time of the flue gas in the furnace. The combustible gas is fully combusted and the combustion efficiency is improved. The furnace and flue of SZS steam boiler are covered by membrane water wall. SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler has a large heating surface, less heat loss and less air leakage. Effectively improve thermal efficiency and achieve rapid start-up of boilers. SZS series boilers use internationally renowned burners. Through the built-in air regulating mechanism, the ratio of fuel and combustion-supporting air is optimized, which greatly improves the combustion in the furnace.

The 1.6 MPa saturated steam boiler is covered with a special composite silicate board outside the membrane water-cooled wall. The temperature of the outer wall of the boiler is controlled within 40 °C. External color steel plate, good thermal insulation effect. This series of steam boilers adopts forced circulation on the radiant heating surface and the high temperature area of ​​the tube bundle. The low temperature area of ​​the tube bundle adopts natural circulation, the water resistance is small, and the resonance of the tube bundle is avoided.

SZS series boilers are designed with economizers. High-efficiency heat exchange elements made of special anti-corrosion materials. The condensation heat exchange is more sufficient, the heat exchange efficiency is improved, and the exhaust gas temperature is lower. This type of boiler can be shipped in full or semi-bulk. High degree of assembly, quick installation on site.


SZS series steam boiler

SZS series steam boiler


SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler furnace and flue have good rigidity, strong anti-knock ability and safe operation. SZS series steam boiler convection tube bundle has a single stroke, reduces the side resistance of flue gas, optimal economic flow rate design, slightly positive pressure combustion, and improves heat transfer efficiency. At the same time, it has larger furnace volume, section width and length size, which is suitable for various burner arrangements.

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