WNS 4 Tons Gas Fired Boiler For Washing Factory

Gas steam boiler is a horizontal internal combustion boiler, mainly light oil, natural gas, city gas and so on as fuel. WNS 4 tons gas boiler internal wet back combustion design. The flue gas is returned three times in the furnace, and a threaded pipe is used as a heat transfer tube. Heat transfer tubes are evenly and symmetrically distributed on the left and right sides. Extend flue gas flow, increase convection heating surface of boiler, make flue gas in disorder state, strengthen heat transfer and facilitate self-cleaning of furnace tube.


WNS 4 tons gas boiler

WNS 4 tons gas boiler


In terms of automatic control,WNS type gas boiler has automatic protection measures such as water level alarm, ultra-high pressure alarm, automatic start and stop. In the use of the process can fully ensure the safety of equipment operation. WNS series boiler for washing plant uses quick loading structure, easy to install and transport. More limits for the user to save the space of the boiler room. This series of boilers have scientific structure and reasonable design, adopting full wet back design of horizontal internal combustion three return and corrugated furnace, which further improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. And it uses intelligent operating system, convenient cleaning, time saving effort.

WNS 4 tons gas boiler has large diameter corrugated furnace and threaded smoke pipe and other efficient heat transfer components. Sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, so that the boiler output is sufficient and stable heating. At the same time, the series of boiler products also use low nitrogen combustion system, from the source to reduce the generation of nitrogen oxides, easily achieve the local nitrogen oxides no more than 100mg/Nm³ environmental protection standard.

Gas fired boiler used for washing plant, not only solar term, but also water saving, environmental protection pioneer boiler products. It is understood that all the steam used in the project is indirectly heated in the device without contact with materials, so the condensed water generated after heat exchange is clean water, which can be reused in the boiler system to produce steam. Being series boiler, mainly by the boiler burner, instrument, connecting the flue, condenser, water tank, pump, cylinder, deaerator, circulating pump, water softener, etc, have clean combustion, emission pollution, convenient operation, output is sufficient, fuel burning full, high thermal efficiency, is currently the most energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection products, It is also the most ideal heating equipment at present.


WNS type gas boiler

WNS type gas boiler


The use of 4Tons gas boiler condenser reduces the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler to 60-80℃. And it absorbs part of the heat energy in the flue gas, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reaching more than 98%. At the same time, in the process of energy recovery, the emission of harmful gases is greatly reduced and environmental pollution is reduced. WNS 4 tons gas boiler is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in food, clothing, textile, petrochemical, and machinery manufacturing industries.

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