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SZL6-1.25-T Assembled Water Tube Boiler

SZL6-1.25-T boiler

The SZL6-1.25-T type assembled water tube boiler adopts a double-drum vertical arrangement, and the combustion equipment uses a chain grate. The rated evaporation is 6t/h. The rated steam pressure is 1.25MPa, and the rated steam temperature is 194℃. The design fuel of SZL6-1.25-T boiler is biomass briquette fuel, and there is an economizer at the […]

SZS Series 1.6 MPa Saturated Steam Boiler

SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler

As we all know, the exhaust gas temperature of traditional boilers is relatively high, in order to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and save energy. SZS series 1.6 MPa boiler are equipped with finned economizers and condensers on the side of the body. Saturated steam boiler fin heat exchanger has the advantages of small size, […]

5 Ton Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

5 ton thermal oil boiler

The gas-fired thermal oil furnace is on the heating surface of the boiler body, and the structure is very compact. Because the heating surface is composed of discs closely arranged inside and outside, the inner coil is the radiation heating surface, and the outer coil is the convection heating surface with the outer surface of […]

WNS Model Condenser Gas Fired Steam Boiler

WNS model gas boiler

Condensing gas-fired steam boilers use the principle of releasing a large amount of latent heat of vaporization in the process of condensing water vapor into liquid water. The exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 50~70℃ by adding a flue gas waste heat recovery device. The sensible heat and condensation latent heat of water vapor in […]

SZL Series Double Drum Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturing

Double drum steam boiler

The thermal efficiency of biomass steam boilers of all specifications is >82%, which is higher than the national standard requirements. After the double drum steam boiler simplifies the water circulation circuit, the flow resistance of the water circulation is reduced. The flow rate in the riser pipe is increased. At the same time, this type […]

Supply SZL Type 4 Tons Double Drum Biomass Steam Boiler

SZL type 4 ton boiler

The thermal efficiency of the SZL 4ton biomass boilers of all specifications is >82%, which is higher than the national standard requirements. After simplifying the water circulation circuit of this series of boiler products, the water circulation flow resistance is reduced and the flow velocity in the riser pipe is increased; for the left and […]

Capacity For 50tph Gas Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler

50tph water tube boiler

The SZS boiler adopts the design of the double-drum vertical D-type arrangement, and the stress condition of the boiler body under pressure is good. Important pressure components such as the drum are not directly radiated and washed by the high temperature flame, and the pressure components can expand and contract freely with small thermal stress, […]

10 tph Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler

10 tph chain grate boiler

The two sides of the furnace of the SZL type coal-fired boiler adopt a membrane water-cooled wall structure, which not only improves the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the volume and heating surface of the furnace. What’s better is that the front and rear walls are arranged with secondary air (controlled by […]