4-25Ton/hr Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Rubber Industry

Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Rubber Industry is a steam boiler used for rubber vulcanization heating, which can be customized according to the customer’s needs. The coal-fired steam boiler has the characteristics of fast steam output, good thermal efficiency, high safety, intelligent control, one key start, modular installation, no pollution, etc.

Coal-fired steam boilers have progressed with the industrial revolution, and over the past 100 years have gradually formed a variety of furnace types, mainly chain grate boilers. 4-25 ton/hr coal-fired steam boiler are widely used and still play a particularly important role. Due to the restrictions of natural gas resources, price and gas supply area, it is impossible for gas-fired industrial boilers to replace all coal-fired boilers, and coal-fired boilers will still play an important role in the long run.


4-25Ton/hr Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Rubber Industry

4-25Ton/hr Coal Fired Steam Boiler


The SZL series coal-fired boiler developed by Zhongzheng adopts the longitudinal arrangement of double boilers, and the combustion method uses the chain grate layer combustion. The water-cooled walls on both sides of the furnace chamber adopt membrane water-cooled wall structure; the water-cooled wall tubes on the front and rear walls of the furnace chamber extend down to the upper part of the grate to form front and rear arches, which not only increase the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increase the volume of the furnace chamber and the heating surface, and at the same time strengthen the strength of the rear arches. After the furnace chamber for the combustion chamber, convection tube bundle, the end of the coal conservator (or air preheater). The flue gas enters the tail flue through the furnace chamber, combustion chamber, convection tube bundle, coal saver (or air preheater), and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney.

4-25 ton/hr coal-fired steam boiler are widely used in rubber industry, schools, textile factories, garment factories, printing and dyeing factories, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, soybean product factories, meat product factories, canneries, distilleries, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories, building material factories, paint factories, swimming pools, etc.

Horizontal internal combustion three-return design structure, large furnace space, large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective absorption of thermal expansion. SZL coal-fired water tube steam boiler is a horizontal double-barrel longitudinal chain furnace drain tube hot water boiler. The technology, performance and environmental protection index of this series of products have reached the international advanced level.


4-25Ton/hr Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Rubber Industry

Coal Fired Steam Boiler For Rubber Industry


This boiler draws on the advantages of quick installation boilers, compact structure, boiler room for single-layer arrangement, convenient on-site installation, short cycle time, low cost and other characteristics. Equipped with energy saver (coal saver, air preheater), it makes full use of boiler flue gas heat, reduces boiler exhaust temperature and improves boiler thermal efficiency.

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