4 millon kcal /hrs Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

4 million kcal/hrs gas thermal boiler adopts quick loading structure, convenient transportation, simple installation, saving installation cost. Gas thermal oil boilers liquid phase circulation heating, no condensing discharge heat loss, heating system high thermal efficiency. The series thermal oil boiler has strict control of air, water and other low volatile content in the working medium before circulating heating. The main paint packaging process, bright color generous, corrosion resistance.


Gas thermal oil boilers

Gas thermal oil boilers


The thermal oil boiler factory package is as follows: in the boiler big includes ontology, combustion burner band, high vapor expansion tank, storage tank, oil separator, filter, chimney, electric control cabinet, valve, instrument and another piece of circulating pump, injection pumps, including motor supply users with furnace factory technical documents, and the list of products, installation instructions. The gas-fired thermal oil boiler system can output 350℃ hot oil for thermal users under atmospheric liquid phase. The main heating power supply adopts solid state module contactless switching circuit, which adapts to frequent switching and has no interference to the power supply network. And has anti-dry burning. The cooling system can be designed to add hot oil according to user requirements, in order to meet the production process requirements of rapid cooling after heating up.

Gas thermal oil boilers saves energy, has low operating cost, high thermal efficiency and good economy. The heat utilization ratio of this series boiler products is 40% ~ 50% higher than that of steam. Thermal oil boiler system for liquid phase closed loop, oil temperature and oil temperature difference of 20-30 degrees, that is to say, only heating 20-30 degrees of temperature difference can reach the service temperature. At the same time, the equipment does not need water treatment equipment and no steam boiler running, running, dripping, leakage and other heat loss, heat utilization rate is very high, compared with the steam boiler, energy saving about 50%.

Because thermal oil furnace system is simple, no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, boiler under low pressure, so the whole system investment is less. And because the system only bear pump pressure, thermal oil furnace system without explosion risk, so it is more safe. The environmental protection effect of the series boiler heating system is mainly reflected in the low emission of flue gas, no pollution and heat pollution. YYQW series boiler can be widely used in high temperature setting, Jacoby plate heating, rubber, drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, waterproof coil production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot rolling mill, FRP hot press, mold, drying room, oven and other hot industries.


YYQW series boiler

YYQW series boiler


Gas thermal oil boilers after the body is accurately positioned according to the design layout, the left and right sides should be kept level. The left and right height difference ≤2mm, the corresponding reference points can be selected before and after the body for horizontal correction, and the furnace body support pad firmly fixed, and make on-site records. The shell pressure test must be carried out before the installation of all kinds of pressure valves for 4 millon kcal thermal oil boiler, and the test pressure shall not be less than 1.5 times the nominal pressure. The test pressure of tightness test is 1.25 times of the nominal pressure, the test medium is clean water, the time is not less than 5 minutes, the shell and packing without leakage is qualified, and make a good record.

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