8 Ton LPG Steam Boiler Sales

8 Ton LPG steam boiler can be preset after purging function, improve burner working conditions, prolong life. The unique large combustion chamber design increases the radiation heating area of the furnace, reduces the volume of the boiler, and reduces the emission of NOx. LPG steam boilers before and after the smoke tube box adopts multi-level sealing mode, to ensure no smoke leakage. It has large steam space and good steam quality. The horizontal structure has sufficient heating area and sufficient heat transfer. The boiler runs stably under the condition of load variation and has high combustion efficiency.


LPG steam boilers

LPG steam boilers


This series of steam boiler furnace low position arrangement, water level safety range is large. Gas steam boiler steam evaporation surface, high quality steam. ASME standards are used to design and manufacture boilers, each one is certified by professionals, and provide certification materials, to ensure product safety and reliability! The series of boiler products must be used to soften water quality, our company is equipped with sodium ion exchange type softening water equipment, the equipment is mainly by removing calcium ions, magnesium ions in water, to make softening water ion exchanger. The calcium and magnesium ions that form the hardness of water are exchanged with the ion exchange resin in the softening device, and the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are exchanged with sodium ions, so that the carbonate scale and sulfate scale are not easy to form in the water, so as to obtain the softening water.

LPG steam boilers adopts new industrial design, and its energy efficiency index reaches MEI≥0.7. This type of gas-fired boiler has the characteristics of energy saving, low noise and environmental protection, compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, and high reliability. The boiler is equipped with movable smoke box door before and after, and there are fire observation holes and inspection holes in the rear, which can be checked and cleaned in the furnace. Manholes are opened on the furnace body, and the structure design fully considers the convenience of maintenance in the future. Boiler fully automatic operation, users only need to start the button, the boiler will run according to the set program, load regulation, water supply are fully automatic operation, without special care.

WNS type LPG boiler can be widely used in food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical to provide steam for production, medical institutions to provide steam for disinfection, other enterprises, hotels to provide heating steam, also can provide domestic hot water through water tank heating. This series of boiler before the use of integral forging, radiation heating surface is large, meet the heat free expansion. Application of “fan-shaped” three-return layout design, extend flue gas flow, strengthen heat transfer. Gas steam boiler can effectively reduce steam humidity and improve steam quality.


WNS type LPG boiler

WNS type LPG boiler


The gas fired boiler uses a wet-backed built-in smoke chamber structure design and a fully wet-backed structure to reduce the temperature of the tube sheet and prevent cracking. At the same time, stainless steel threaded caps are used for embellishment, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, beautiful and generous. The LPG steam boilers adopts the design of double safety valves, double water level gauges and double pressure gauges, which is safe and reliable to use. The steam boiler adopts a low-level combustion chamber, which makes the boiler water level safety range larger, the boiler steam space is also larger, and the steam quality is well guaranteed. Zozen Boilers has continuously absorbed advanced technology and improved production technology for many years. At present, the boiler production and manufacturing have a high degree of automation, and the boiler thermal efficiency can reach 98%. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase!

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