Biomass SZL Series Steam Boilers For Sale

The biomass steam boiler is a double barrel longitudinal type water pipe chain grate boiler. Biomass SZL series boilers have large heating area, sufficient output and strong load regulation ability. This series of boiler belly volume is big, has the good smoke dust settlement function, convection tube bundle adopts the S “type structure, the heat transfer effect is good, the heat efficiency is high, the dust removal effect is good, the dust removal is convenient.


This series of biomass fired boilers can burn coal and biomass fuel with high ash content, fire fully and burn out thoroughly. The drum volume is large, the internal device is complete, the steam quality is good, is the medium and small steam units for boiler selection products. The series of boilers can be food factory, textile factory, paper mill, pharmaceutical factory, wood factory, feed factory, slaughterhouse, flowers and vegetables greenhouse, brewery, rubber factory, chemical factory, socks factory heat styling, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating and drying farms, etc.

Biomass SZL series boilers burn biomass molded solid fuel. The water wall on both sides of the furnace adopts membrane water wall structure. The water wall pipe of the boiler furnace front and rear wall extends downward to the upper part of the grate to form front and rear arches. This can not only increase the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increase the volume of the furnace and the heating surface, while strengthening the strength of the rear arch.

SZL series steam boiler is arranged in the front wall of the secondary wind, controlled by the valve, in the use of biomass fuel into use, strengthen the combustion, so that the fuel is fully burned out, improve combustion efficiency. Adopt higher feed port to meet the demand of biomass fuel. The boiler adopts efficient insulation material, the surface temperature is low, and the heat dissipation loss can be ignored. Strictly according to the specifications and standards of production, all pressure parts are made of high quality boiler steel.



Biomass SZL series boilers are equipped with automatic ash removal device, which can remove the accumulated ash on the heating surface of the boiler in time to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the boiler. This series of steam boiler circuit using digital fast, precise control, the use of Germany 1G8T module, advanced circuit, stable, reliable. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing various types of boiler products, with rich production experience and strong technical force. Our factory is committed to providing customers with a full set of boiler solutions, can be customized boiler service according to the needs of users. Welcome everyone to come to consult procurement.

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