Factory Spot Supply 3 Tons Gas Thermal Oil Boiler

Gas thermal oil furnace adopts horizontal three return structure, heating surface is mainly composed of radiation heating surface of inner coil and convection heating surface of middle and outer coil and inner coil, the structure is very compact. The fuel is burned in the combustion chamber and released heat. After the heating surface absorbs most of the heat, the flue gas enters the convection heating surface and conducts heat exchange. The flue gas is sent to the chimney by the induced draft fan until it is discharged into the atmosphere. The system of 3 Tons thermal oil boilers has high utilization rate, convenient operation and maintenance, and perfect control system.


3 Tons thermal oil boilers

3 Tons thermal oil boilers


The diameter and length of the radiant coil of the series boiler products are suitable for the flame of the matching burner to ensure the reliable operation and full cooling of the coil. The boiler adopts advanced control system to control the medium, with high thermal efficiency and convenient maintenance. Gas fired thermal oil boiler has compact structure and saves the floor area. Set automatic detection, control, chain alarm prompt in one, boiler operation without duty, saving manpower. The size of the boiler furnace matches the flame of combustion, and the radiation heat transfer rate is high.

3 Tons thermal oil boilers adopts coil structure, sufficient heating surface, high thermal efficiency. The boiler heating system is simple and does not require water treatment equipment, reducing investment. Thermal oil boiler is easy to install, as long as the body and combustion chamber can be closed. Air preheater is arranged at the rear of the boiler, which greatly improves the efficiency of the boiler. Heating up to 300℃ above, the general working pressure is below 1MPa, making the boiler safe and reliable operation. Gas fired thermal oil boiler is widely used in hot pressing, food processing, heating, chemical, plastic, rubber, petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, rubber, asphalt heating, vegetable dehydration, hydrogenation reaction, esterification, deodorization, fatty acid distillation, industrial distillation and other industries.

YYQW series of boiler fuel in the combustion chamber composed of inner coil tube combustion heat, after absorbing most of the heat radiation heating surface, high temperature flue gas into the convection heating surface and heat exchange, out of the boiler in the air preheater heating boiler combustion required air, and then through the dust collector by induced draft fan will send flue gas to smoke map exhaust into the atmosphere. This series of products not only high temperature and low pressure, accurate temperature control, uniform heating, can meet the precise process temperature.


YYQW series of boiler

YYQW series of boiler


3 Tons thermal oil boilers tail can be equipped with air preheater, improve thermal oil boiler efficiency. The convection heating surface of boiler adopts reasonably fast flue gas flow rate to ensure full heat transfer of furnace body and high thermal efficiency. Organic heat carrier heating system has incomparable advantages in industrial applications, it can obtain higher temperature under lower operating pressure, stable heating and accurate temperature regulation, can maintain the best state under various levels of load, and has a complete operation control and safety monitoring device.

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