Gas Steam Boilers Application Introduction

Generally speaking, gas steam boiler features more advantages, application range is also very wide, is one of the best-selling products in the current market. The gas steam boilers application widely, boiler adopts the lower setting mode of the combustion machine as a whole, the three-return structure enables the fuel to be fully burned. The boiler is stable in operation, with spoiler inserted in the smoke pipe, which can effectively slow down the smoke exhaust speed, increase the heat exchange, make the boiler highly efficient and reduce the user’s cost.


Gas steam boilers application

Gas steam boilers application


Gas fired steam boiler plays a very important role in daily life and production. This series of steam boilers are very versatile. Through heat exchangers, the heat of steam can be converted into water, which is then heated for heating, bathing and production. The medicine industry can be used for disinfection, the food industry can be used as meat, steamed food, wine can also use steam. In addition, steam can also heat oil and increase its fluidity in the petrochemical industry. Steam produced from gas-fired boilers can also be used in petrochemical production.

Steam is more widely used in manufacturing enterprises. For example, the insulation foam board, the production of steam heating raw materials for the production of foam. Furniture made from wood needs to be steam dried to make furniture. The inflatable bricks of the building also need to be dried using steam. The steam produced by gas-fired steam boiler can also be used in power plants for power generation and so on.

The gas steam boilers application has a wide range. The boiler is equipped with complete automatic control device and safety protection device, which realizes automatic water level control, low water level alarm and furnace shutdown. The steam boiler steam pressure automatic control and overpressure alarm, boiler automatic ignition, burner automatic fire regulation and extinguishing protection, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

The industrial boiler combustion chamber adopts large volume design to make combustion more full, and the pipe adopts screw structure to enhance heat transfer effect. Wet back structure, high reliability, low maintenance cost. Its front and rear smoke boxes all adopt integral type smoke box, smoke box door is set on the box, the overall performance is good, appearance is beautiful and generous, maintenance and opening is convenient. A new type of energy saver is also adopted, which can effectively increase the heating area, reduce the volume of energy saver, compact structure and long service life.


Gas fired steam boiler for sale

Gas fired steam boiler for sale


Zozen Boilers in the production of gas steam boilers application, high thermal efficiency, output stability, strong adaptability to load. The whole can adopt quick installation structure, which can effectively shorten the installation cycle. Zozen Boilers with class A boiler manufacturing license, Class I and Class II pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, class I boiler installation license, the company has passed ASME certification, obtained the steel seal of boiler S and pressure vessel U, the company has also passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, environmental management system certification and occupational health management system certification. The main boiler products are widely used in: industrial production, food processing, heating and heating, bath hotel, hot water supply, construction engineering, planting and breeding fields. Our company has a strong product research and development ability and market development ability, currently boiler projects around the world more than 100 countries and regions, welcome you to come to consult the procurement of boilers.

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