Industrial Oil Gas Boiler Cost How Much

Industrial boilers are essential equipment in the process of economic development. Many enterprises need steam to provide heat source in the production process, such as: food, chemical, building materials, packaging, paper and other industries. According to the current national environmental protection policy, industrial oil gas boiler is widely used due to their environmentally friendly and efficient features.

Industrial Oil Gas Boiler Cost How Much

LPG steam boilers


About the cost of industrial oil gas boiler, also ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, before determining the price, the following factors must first be determined.

  1. To determine the fuel of the boiler, gas boilers can burn natural gas, liquefied gas, biogas, city gas and other gases
  2. To determine the boiler model, pressure, steam temperature and other parameters
  3. Auxiliary equipment configuration: steam boiler auxiliary equipment is more, burners, control cabinets, pumps, sub-cylinder, etc.
  4. Whether to include installation, transportation

WNS series gas steam boiler has two types of furnace, one is a horizontal three-way structure boiler, one is a condensing gas boiler, if you need condensate recovery, we recommend that you choose a condensing structure boiler, if you do not need, choose a horizontal three-way structure boiler on.

WNS series horizontal three-return boiler adopts three-return wet-back structure design with waveform furnace gall and threaded flue tube structure to improve the heat absorption strength of the boiler, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption, configured with world-renowned burner, stable performance and reliable quality; multi-stage interlock protection function to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

The condensing gas steam boiler adopts the combined design of the body, energy saver and condenser as a whole, with graded utilization of heat energy, extremely low exhaust temperature and thermal efficiency of more than 99%. The built-in steel and aluminum composite finned tubes of the energy saver and condenser are arranged counter-currently to strengthen heat transfer. Compared with ordinary furnace models, this series boiler flue gas water steam condensation condensation process, the flue gas NOx and other harmful substances with the condensate discharge, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.


Industrial Oil Gas Boiler Cost How Much

WNS type LPG boiler


ZOZEN Boiler, professional gas steam boiler manufacturer, founded in 1988, more than 30 years focus on industrial boiler research and development, production, sales, product coverage of 86 countries and regions around the world, more than 20,000 operating sites at home and abroad, WNS series of oil-fired boilers are safe and stable operation, good working conditions, low boiler energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, can be overloaded operation, ammonia oxide emissions in line with environmental standards.

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