Professional DZL Series Biomass Steam Boilers For Sale

DZL series biomass boilers have outstanding advantages, the overall boiler structure is compact, convenient installation, high thermal efficiency, small footprint, small environmental pollution. Biomass boilers for sale automation degree is high, overload capacity is strong. The boiler is a single drum chain grate boiler. Suitable for burning and forming biomass fuel. The tail of the biomass steam boiler is equipped with a economizer, and the ash and slag can be directly used as farm fertilizer.


Biomass boilers for sale

Biomass boilers for sale


Biomass fired steam boiler is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection products, with a blower, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a spiral slag machine to achieve mechanical slag. The boiler control monitoring instrument is complete, the boiler operation is safe and reliable. Biomass pellet fuel is known as green coal and is a kind of clean energy. As the fuel of the boiler, its combustion time is long, the temperature of the furnace is high, and the economy is affordable, while there is no pollution to the environment.

Biomass boilers for sale furnace with curved water wall tube and drum and about the form of the collection box, can free upward expansion. The water wall adopts light tube water wall, which is easy to manufacture and process. The convection tube in the drum adopts the rolling thread smoke pipe to improve the winding of the working medium and increase the heat transfer. This series of steam boiler outer packing plate adopts pressing plate, beautiful appearance. Using high thermal resistance material as insulation layer, thermal insulation performance is good.

DZL series steam boiler adopts unique double-layer secondary air design, which improves the ignition conditions of biomass fuel. The independent air chamber is used to achieve a reasonable air distribution, so that the furnace is conducive to the formation of an aerodynamic field, so that the combustion temperature is high, high combustion efficiency. In order to make the biomass steam boiler can be sustainable safe and economic operation, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of biomass boiler in daily use. Eliminate the phenomenon of running, running, dropping and leakage in time. Regularly oil the exposed valve, lock bolt and other movable parts to prevent biting. The falling insulation layer should be repaired in time. The biomass fired boiler shall be inspected once a year inside and outside.


Biomass fired boiler manufacturer

Biomass fired boiler manufacturer


Biomass boilers for sale inertial separation of smoke and dust at furnace outlet can effectively reduce the dust content of exhaust smoke and reduce the wear of rear heating surface. The boiler structure is compact, the installation volume is smaller than other types of boilers with the same capacity, shorten the installation period and reduce the cost of the boiler room. Large volume of water, conducive to power failure protection, strong ability to adapt to load changes. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing high quality boiler products, dedicated to producing various types of boiler products for many years, our boiler products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, worthy of users’ trust.

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