SZS Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler For Sale

SZS series oil fired boilers adopt three cutting-edge technologies in the field of low-nitrogen combustion, namely, fractional combustion, flue gas internal circulation and FGR flue gas recycling, which can reduce NOX emission to less than 30mg/m3, fully in line with the current ultra-low nitrogen emission standard requirements, coupled with the high safety and thermal efficiency of SZS type boilers up to over 95%. SZS series boiler for sale not only achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions, but also greatly save energy, has become the priority of customers in all industries.


SZS series boiler for sale

SZS series boiler for sale


This series of oil fired steam boilers are widely used in hospitals, schools, residential buildings, hotels, government offices, medicine, food, rubber, chemical, paper, oil fields, building materials, textiles, power plant auxiliary (start-up furnace) and other industries. This series of boilers use energy saving and high efficiency. By adding energy saving device and condenser at the end, waste heat of flue gas can be fully utilized to improve boiler thermal efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Ultra-low nitrogen emission of flue gas meets the emission requirements.

The SZS series boiler for sale adopts all-film water-wall structure, which fully guarantees the sealing effect of boiler and reduces the leakage of flue gas. Adequate heating surface arrangement is provided to ensure full combustion of fuel and reduce incomplete combustion loss, so that the boiler not only has good overload capacity, but also performs well in low load stability. SZS series oil-fired boiler water cycle is safe and reliable, the boiler adopts the form of composite water cycle, reasonable selection of heating surface water speed, fully ensure the safety of the boiler heating surface, with good blackout protection function.

Oil fired steam boiler adopts light heat preservation structure, good heat preservation performance, fully reduce heat dissipation loss. At the same time, the light wall can fully reduce the thermal inertia of the boiler, and the start-stop conversion is faster. The rear view device is beneficial to observe the internal combustion of fuel in the furnace, and the design of the top blasting flameproof door ensures the sealing performance of the boiler and reduces the damage caused by explosion accident in the furnace. Set up multiple interlocking protection measures, such as overtemperature, overpressure, full water, lack of water, fuel leakage, extinguishing protection, etc., repeatedly to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

This series of oil fired boilers have compact structure, low height and small floor space, which can effectively reduce the investment of boiler house. The SZS series oil fired boilers operate at micro positive pressure without an induced draft fan, so as to reduce the boiler system investment and fully reduce the boiler operating cost. The boiler adopts quick installation structure, reasonable structure, convenient transportation, installation, maintenance and management. At the same time, it also has the advantages of full output, stable load, flue gas transverse erosion convection tube bundle, good heat transfer effect, low metal consumption. High thermal resistance material is adopted as the thermal layer with good thermal insulation performance.


SZS series boiler prices

SZS series boiler prices


SZS series boiler for sale with reasonable overall design and energy-saving device at the end, which can effectively reduce the smoke exhaust temperature and achieve high thermal efficiency. Boiler water capacity and the use of natural circulation, heating surface hydrodynamics is safe and reliable. Equipped with high quality burners, advanced control system valves and pumps are made of high quality products, and excellent boiler accessories provide a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the boiler. Welcome the masses of users with Zozen Boilers communication, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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